My Healing Session

When my cousin came to do a healing session I was really excited. She had in the past helped me before and each time she helped channel negative energy out of my system. The day was perfect because I didn’t have the kids. I was starting to feel like I was worn out from the busy week. So before she came it was almost like I was getting myself ready for the session. My biggest challenge that I face day-to-day is being able relax and just to feel good. I think between dialysis treatments and all the medications I take.. It is hard to be in touch with how I feel and to be in control of my energy levels.

This is the first time that I was able to just spend committed time to the session. Polly first went around the house. She found negative energy around the kitchen area and opened the windows to channel it out. She walked around and it showed that my house had a lot of positive energy. Which was great. This is the place I spend most of my time. It also gave me confirmation that it would be ok for me to do home dialysis. Something that I had to start considering with my fistula arm access starting to give out. I will actually be having it tied off soon and with another access decision coming soon it is great to know that my house would be a perfect place.

After we sat in my living room. Polly opened the window and asked me to clear my thoughts and focus on my feet. I’ve learned that when releasing negative energy it is channeled through the feet. I closed my eyes and focused on my feet. I immediately felt a calming sensation. As she was performing her healing techniques I really felt peace. I also felt tinglely sensations through out my legs and my feet became cold. Throughout the session I felt so relaxed. It felt good to have a clear mind. I have noticed how important it is to take that time to clear your mind. The session lasted about an hour. We ended the session with me sitting up and I’ve told her that my arm has bothered me. She was able to focus on my arm and I had told her that I felt something in my arm which felt like a popping sensation.

After the session I felt so energized and at the same time just felt clean. I don’t know why that comes to mind. Just cleaned in my thoughts and just felt like my spirits were lifted. As a Christian I felt this was Polly’s gift from God. I felt blessed and touched by the Holy spirit literally. I want to continue the sessions and know with Polly’s strong faith and gift to recognize negative energies she can truly heal so many others. Thank you Polly for that time and the offer to see me again.

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