Great News!

Great News. My mom’s blood test results came in and she is a match!!! I can’t even believe it. After my dialysis treatment we went groceries hoping to make something fast so we could go to a Wendesday church service. Well by the time we got home we were late. So we ate dinner and Daniel read a devotional about how 72,000 Angels Could Have Rescued Jesus.~Matthew 26:53,54. After our devotional, I called my sister, Maritess. She asked me right away if I heard the news.. I was like oh no this must be the results.. I couldn’t help but keep myself neutral during this process just continuing to believe in God’s will, whether or not my mom was going to be able to donate. Well my sister said excitedly, “MOM IS A PERFECT MATCH, SHE CAN BE CANDIATE TO DONATE HER KIDNEY TO YOU” I was speechless. I just couln’t believe it. We got through the important phase of blood testing: Blood typing, HLA “Tissue” Typing and Cross Match Testing. Which showed that she was 4 to 6 match which is almost a perfect match. Kidneys are commonly transplanted between two people with no matching antigens and here my mom’s blood type was a 4 to 6 close match.
This is just the beginning of the testing she will have to do the full physical but this is already an answered prayer and something to rejoice about! Praise God! Just knowing she was denied twice from Kaiser from their evaluation, wouldn’t even do the blood testing. Also, with having problems with my arm access/fistula. We literally were awaiting for the results on this specific blood testing to determine what my next move would be. I was in the process of considering PD home dialysis since it’s been difficult using my access and it hasn’t been getting any better. Treatments has been so challenging. So now I know what we’ll need to do.

Anyhow, I really feel this was an interceding prayer answered. It’s just crazy how during the time my mom went to Davis for blood testing was around the same time my sister, Maritess and Lennie felt convicted to help me with the fundraisers they put out which brought so much prayers and awareness. I started to receive emails from friends and family even people I didn’t know letting me know that I was in their prayers. This just showed how powerful it can be when you have people come together and pray.

I had called my mom right after and didn’t reach her right away. We were all very emotional to here the great news. So my husband, Daniel said let’s pray together. I asked him to take lead because I was just too overjoyed with emotion. He prayed with thanks, that the Lord showed his mercy, for being there with us throughout these 2 years during this roller coaster of trails we had faced, for his answered prayers. Which brought me in tears just how Daniel showed his perseverance and patience even more throughout this time. I know this hasn’t been easy for him. He had to see a side of me that was so dark barely hanging onto life. When I felt like giving up he has always been there to give me that extra push. Encourages me to seek the Lord’s word even when it was difficult for me to. I just love him so much for who he is and so thankful to have him as my hubby. He just has been able to pull through for our family. He never loses hope and always believes in me. Also, my boys.. Oh I don’t even want to start but they are my 2 angels. They are what motivate me to get myself going even when it’s hard. They all do so much for me and I am just so ready to be able give my family more of myself. It’s an exciting feeling to have this news. Encourages me to never lose hope.

So finally I talked to my mom.. She was so excited even more excited than me. She was telling me how thankful she was to be able to do this. I had to ask my mom if she was scared because I still couldn’t help to be a little scared for surgeries and she gave me her reassurance that we are in God’s hands. So right than and there makes me remember that I should not have to fear of the unknown. God is in full control from beginning to end. My mom has felt that this was the reason why she always took care of herself. Being apart of a nutritional company for many years she always was health cautious. Never smoked a cigarette or did drugs in her lifetime. It’s unbelievable. I always admired that about her. Just the thought of how she can give me life twice, it’s just so amazing.

We will continue to need prayers during this time. She will need a full physical screening and EKG scanning on her kidneys. Once we receive clearance on these last tests. We could have surgery as early as the summer.
Thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers. I will be continuing to update everyone as we go through this process. It’s the beginning of a beautiful thing!

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