The Results…

Today I received the results finally and unfortunately my mom can not donate her kidney at this time. Even as she passed almost every test they found that she has a liver deficiency that needs to be treated before she can donate as well as kidney stones which can take some time to treat. Other than that my mom is in perfect health. Her heart, kidneys everything is perfectly fine which is a blessing. Especially to know that she is continuing to be cancer free. So she has to attend to these health matters before they can accept her as a donor.

This isn’t the greatest news and even hard for me to write this right now but I did prepare myself for this. I knew nothing was definite. I just knew with strong faith all things are possible. Even as much odds was against my mom from the beginning. It was so great to hear good news after good news. It brought such a renewed faith within me. This optimistic outlook is only through God’s grace. I truly feel he has a plan for me and I know he will bless me with a “perfect match” all in his “perfect timing”. They did mention that I am closer on the cadaver list. So I can still get a call anytime if a match comes available.

UC Davis is willing to accommodate any others that want to get screened for the possibility in becoming a live donor. I will be preparing live donor packages again and for those who would like a packet please contact me. I am now more familiar with the testing that are involved and procedures as I did share on this website on my blogs. Please do not hesitate to contact me or you can contact UC Davis directly they are very accommodating and will answer any questions. I have half of the packet scanned and will finish it up so I can just add it to the website as well.

Thank you for all your prayers during this time. I think it really helped prepare me even for this because I’m actually pretty strong right now and taking it better than I thought I would. It did break my heart and I had to go through the motions. I was just so excited of the thought that I was closer to getting a regular life back. Even going to treatments, the thought that I can be free from the machine, really made it easier to get through. But who am I to not say I shouldn’t have this outlook anymore. I really feel my time is still drawing closer. It was comforting when I talked to my mom and just to hear how optimistic she was about everything. I think as a mother going through what she had to go through, I would have been devastated but she stayed strong for me as she has during this whole time. She wants to focus on healing herself right now because she feels she can still donate to me. As I’ve said her faith is contagious. I know I can’t look at this as a door closed but as another door opening.

I know God works in mysterious ways and I can only continue to hope for the best and to keep this faith and hope alive.

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