I finally started again

It’s unbelievable once I’m committed to doing something how dedicated I am to it. I’ve litterally been messing with my computer since 2pm with of course a few check ins with the kids, eat.. but I even stayed in my pajamas!

Anyhow I just had enough with the yahoo small business hosting service which recently charged me again so I need to make the transition from just getting domain. Hosting services just not needed! Blog sites are not meant to be linked with their hosting. I was never able to upgrade wordpress and when I tried to do it manually the site went blank.

Thank God I was able to go into the hosting (ftp mumbo jumbo) panel & took what was there. It basically was not formatted & had messed up characters for each punctuation marks.

That is probably why I lagged. I tried to get tech support & but they kept pointing me to each other so I made the decision to pull up whatever I got & go for it. So I finally started what I dreaded to do for so long, paid for it too. But I can’t do that anymore. Not everything is on this site yet, but a lot was done. So soon I’ll move my domain here & get back to writing!

I still faithfully write what’s going on through facebook but here I don’t have a 420 word count limitation because I just want to write freely! I am really happy where I am right now in life. Things have been nice and stable so that’s all I could ever ask for!

God is faithful!

So you will see me some new & old as I continue to move everything over!

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