Photo Sesh by Sweet Photo Boutique

Haven’t had the chance to post our very first photo session (outside of the studio). This is my first post transplant family photo which was in the midst of pain. All I know is once we set rescheduled the appointment because the original date, Marquez got bit by a dog. I was still working, dealing with pain and had no time to think about what we were going to wear but so glad we pushed on. It was fun to get dolled up. My friend Danelle hooked up my hair. I did run and still look for some last-minute outfits for the boys. Daniel got off of work, got his hair done and rushed over and put all the outfits together as I started makeup with April.

The photos captures 11 years of marriage, Marcelo officially a teenager-13 and Marquez officially double digits-10 all in a creative way, which is very much us! Choosing Old town Sac was important because this is the place God has planted us to be. As a family we’ve gone through a lot but we really have been able to focus on our lives together, being well and finally being planted!

Thank you Jailyn for working with my family, our schedules and coming up here to capture this day. It was nice to reconnect as adults. There will always be a special bond because are lives always intertwined and we always shared that spiritual connection since we were babes.

Also had the pleasure to be apart of the great partnership “Sweet Fancy Faces” Amber & April!

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Photos by

Photos by Sweet Photo Boutique
Hair Accessories by Fancy Hair Candy @
Make Up Artist by Making Faces @!/makingfacesbyapril

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1 thought on “Photo Sesh by Sweet Photo Boutique

  1. Baby girl I LOOOOOVE this! You are an amazing writer! You will be able to share your courage and strong faith with others who are in the midst of tribulations. I am looking forward to your blogs! So beautiful!


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