Appreciate your scars

My thoughts exactly. As I heal from my fresh wounds which tells a story of an infection that could have taken my life. Every scar has a story and a life lesson which I have a new found appreciation. Fresh wounds still hurt but with time it always heals~

Dee's Tidbits

Maybe our old wounds teach us something. They remind us where we’ve been and what we’ve overcome. They teach us lessons about what to avoid in the future.”

Meredith Grey hit the nail on the head, for that’s exactly how I feel about my (two) scars, and more:

I love my scars because they remind me of my imperfections, which is humbling. I love my scars because they taught me how to patiently persevere. I love my scars because I love me and they are a part of me. I love my scars because when I’m too lazy to pop my pills, they keep my procrastination tendencies in check. I love them because they resulted from surgery and surgery rocks (especially in the fictional world of Grey’s Anatomy)! I love my scars because they occurred under the near-magical effect of an intravenously (IV) administered cocktail of anesthetic drugs, the greatest medical breakthrough, in my opinion. (Note: General…

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3 thoughts on “Appreciate your scars

  1. that’a s good lesson to learn
    thank you Maribel : )


    1. Yes indeed. Our scars is apart of our history~


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