My Guide to Feeling Better

This week I struggled big time. I am in total awareness that I’m still in the process regaining my strength including my noodle (my brain). I feel so lost at times. With all my medications it can make me feel like a zombie. Literally I’m working overtime to keep up with everything.

It started when I missed a doctor’s appointment. Here I have it written my calendar. On my cell phone calendar with a reminder: Emailed & with a ring. How the heck do I forget? This took me to a spiraling frustration.

Dealing with health challenges for quite some time now; I have always coped pretty well.  I almost could point out the different phases I could go into. I did start pursuing psychology degree because of my fascination with the brain. Plus I’m almost sure that an array of mental issues run in my family. Just never diagnosed. Let me leave it at that.

Let me just focus on my own issues. For the most part of this week I felt like “blah!” I go downstairs.. What was I getting? My kids are telling me a story and I can’t seem to keep up? The phone is ringing but I don’t want to pick up. Or when I’m talking to someone and somehow I lost my sense of vocabulary and can’t think of the words I want to say. These are some signs that things just ain’t right. Earth to Maribel!

Here is a few things that seem to help me when I’m not doing so well.

*P.U.S.H. Pray Until Something Happens. In these times I’m not highly spiritual, I could barely pick up a Bible. My prayers during these times is usually a constant conversation throughout the day. Asking God to help me!

*Cry it out- I definitely had my moments this week.  My normal inclination is to hold back tears especially when I’m around people but there’s a reason for tears. It’s meant to be released to allow healing to take place.

Feed your spirit- It is important to keep observing positivity. Even though Bible reading has been tough I turned to short devotionals during this time. That will point me to a scripture. Food for the soul~

*Work it out- I got on my treadmill and started to walk out my frustration. Exercise of some sort is always healthy.

Get dressed up even for nothing- With being home I can easily just stay in my pajamas all day but it really helps the morale to get up and going for the day.

*Have some “Me” time– Take that time to do something for yourself. This week I got a must needed manicure and pedicure. It also was an extra boost because the ladies kept complimenting me. I’m sure it’s apart of the job but sure help when your in a funk.

*Get out of the house- This has been especially difficult in my circumstance but  just taking a walk to mailbox helped me. Today I actually went to a friend’s cooking party. Probably the first time I had “girl time” in a long time.

*Reach out- I finally returned phone calls that I was ignoring throughout the week and took the time to have real conversations away from text messaging. Very healthy to do from time to time :-)!

These were a few guidelines that seems to help me feel better when I’m not doing so well. It sure has helped me get through the days this week and still function for my family and of course myself. I got to keep moving on. I won’t let being in a funk stop me.

What are some things that help make you feel better?

*This bracelet that my sister gave me always helps me remember all the beauty in life~
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