Party Time

It was nice to be apart of a birthday celebration today. Especially after not feeling all that great this week. Miss Victoria was the birthday girl and it was her 1st birthday. I was able to do her party favors. It’s been a while since I made favors but it’s something I love to do. For many years I was the invitation and favor maker for the family. Now my little sister has been doing most of the invites these day. I used the theme she started and got the creative juices flowing again.



I loved party planning. I even planned my whole wedding at the young age of 20. We had a very tight budget but it was the first time I would learn many DIY projects. I literally made payment arrangements with vendors, prepared every little detail, I made it happen. This would carry on with every celebration. Especially my kids birthdays. I may create a section to share some of the events I planned along with the invites and favors.

I love to celebrate life and preserve memories. Lately I haven’t been able to do much, especially as the boys gotten older, the less they wanted the big party. Plus health issues made it difficult physically and financially.

The birthday girl’s mommy did an amazing job. This Disney party included a facepainter, cartoon drawer, bouncer and our huge family. Victoria was one of the many babies born after her great Grandma passed away almost 2 years ago. We had about 10 babies in the family born since. Carrying her legacy… My husband comes from a huge Chamorro/Guamanian family. That are all beautifully mixed with every race on the earth.

It was the first weekend out of the critical period for my immune system; so got to get lots of must needed love and human contact. I love my family, they mean the world to me!

Cartoon drawing of me and my boys. My big boy looks so grown with his mustache ๐Ÿ™‚
The birthday day girl pooped with her sister
Hubby getting his baby love
Me & my sister-in-laws

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