My Love for Food

I started to get back in the kitchen after a long time. Me and my husband usually take turns but lately he has cooked the bulk of our family dinners.  I love food. I watch it and often it controls me. As it is the first thing I think about each waking day. What to eat for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner? It’s always been a challenge because of the diet restrictions that I have had for some time now. But it doesn’t stop me from preparing yummy foods.

I grew up eating out of a box most of the time. They used to call me the top ramen queen because it was a huge part of my diet. This may very well have contributed to my kidney failure. Having working parents I also ate out a lot. We ate everything, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, etc.. My husband didn’t grow up eating so much different things. He would learn the world of ethnic cuisine when he met me. So our family dinners are an international flare.

Eating has been hard this week. They increased one of my immunosuppression medications and it has messed with my stomach. I lost about 5 pounds which I can’t afford to lose. In the peak of the sickness I got down to 76 pounds. I normally weigh about 100 lbs which is normal for my petite size. I’ve dealt with lots of physical changes living with end stage renal disease. From water retention, discoloration in skin, hair loss, brittle nails but weight loss was something hard to deal with. I remember for the first time eating became such a chore. On top of meals I took weight supplements in between but I was so determined. I did get some help with steroids during the transplant rejection stint. It really helped me get back to my weight and then some. Eating was an all day thing. I got up to 110 pounds and I was loving it. It was short-lived as they tapered my dosage.

Now I’m back to struggling to keep my weight. They finally are changing the medication I was having problems with. I hope that it works because I know that’s another reason I haven’t been feeling so well. Even as I type this I feel depleted from the day. I did my labs and happy to say things are looking good. I do see the Doc tomorrow so I’ll be writing about where my health stands at this point in the game.

Lots will be going on this week so I hope I can keep up with the commitment to write each day. My oldest son’s promotion from middle school along with my sons baseball play off games. I am missing reading other blogs. I will have to catch up. Thank you so much for the recent comments and follows. I have reached 100 follows, woo hoo! Thank you, I will be following along too!

It sure has been a difficult food journey but food is a lifeline. My love for food actually benefits me because I’m always willing to learn new things. Being back in the kitchen is a new adventure. I’m finally getting my enthusiasm back and keeping momentum. I know my family is happy for that.

This is what was for dinner tonight:

Panko breaded oven fried chicken and collard greens with turkey bacon. Healthy Soul Food~

5 thoughts on “My Love for Food

  1. I just reached 100 follows too!! Whoo hoo!

    I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. 🙂


    1. Yay we can celebrate to together!! Thank you for my very first Award~


  2. Good luck with your journey and this plate of soul food made me hungry. Guess what? Double whammy! I also nominated you for an award: the Sunshine Blogger Award!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment wish I could share but I’m on the other side of the country 🙂 Also thank you for the double whammy first sunshine blogger rewards. Feel so honored~


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