Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you to Blessed with a Star on the Forehead for this nomination. I enjoy reading her journey through her new-found life being, “Free as a bird.”


1. Repost the award in a post that includes the blog of the person that nominated you.

2. State 10 things about yourself.

3. Nominate 10 people..

2. Ten things about me:

*I’m married with two sons.

*I drink tea and eat toast every morning.

*Once worked in Real Estate as an Executive Assistant.

*Worked at Blockbuster during my college days. ( Where my love for  movies started from)

*Once upon a time I was in a gang.

*I have 7 tattoos but some so small it can barely be seen.

*My first speaking engagement was in front of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus about shortage of donor sign ups in the Asian Pacific American community. I broke the fear of speaking in public.

*I started writing to God in a journal at a very young age.

*I rely on my faith to get me through. It’s my lifeline!

*I was a PTA President, Vice president, Secretary and almost Treasurer (but got sick so had to let it go).

3. My 10 nominees (In no specific order):











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