Looking Back to Move Forward

This was the official full week that I was out of the critical period rebuilding my immune system. I worked hard taking the time to heal. It came at a perfect time because I got to experience some memorable moments with my boys the week. This has been my marker of coming into another season. As I’m coming out of recovery and building life again. It so important that I do things differently. I started this week with the important lesson, “Spiritual Inventory.” During this week I was really able to take a look at what I was doing right and what I could do differently.

I also had the opportunity to be featured on my cousin’s blog mama that could which I reblogged in the last post. A huge part of doing inventory is looking back so it was timely. Thank God that written word is concrete evidence of your journey. I was so thankful for this reminder especially during this new season I have the opportunity to come into. I know “everyday” is a blessing. I know very well how my last hospitalization could have taken the turn for the worse but it didn’t. God certainly wants me still here and as long as I’m here I’ll keep sharing my story.

Apart of spiritual inventory is examining the shortcomings that may have prevented us or let me say “me” from working effectively in my life. The four areas to look at is Your mind, Your body, Your family and Your church (Celebrate Recovery). I was able to really look back at these four areas in the “the mama that could post”. It brought me back to the new 32 post I wrote on my birthday this past year where I talk more in detail about overcoming addiction in my early teens, forgiveness and being saved by the grace of God. I had to learn a whole new way to live. Till this day it takes work but it’s worth it because my boys are breaking the chains of bondage that both me and my husband both carried. Our sons are already walking different paths than we were at their age and its because of our choices. My oldest son is 14 and Lord knows all me and my husband already experienced by the time we were his age. It is when he was born we knew we wanted to give him the best life we can offer. We knew it would take work and it didn’t come easy. I have gone down memory road several times throughout this new season of writing. Pulling out memories that I want to be written in concrete. This is where the book one day will come in play.

I had some validation receiving a couple of blogging awards this week to continue on this writing journey along with encouragement from friends. As I mention I’m fairly new to the blogging community and really appreciate all the warm support. So far taking time to write each day has already helped me just slow down. God knows how willing and ready I am to just go live life. But I must be wise in the process and just take the needed time to heal and take it one day at a time. I’m already making better decisions and exercising my belief in cherishing each day.

This definitely was a better week. Made my doctor’s appointment, did my labs, enjoyed my kids; last day of school promotion from middle school and baseball play offs, and today I spent a family day out at the mall (been a long time since we did that). I’m very proud of my boys for getting through their school year. It’s been tough but as a family we pulled it together. My oldest, played sports, made honor roll and kept up with all his school work and activities. My youngest had his struggles but still managed to be a model student. Excelled in his first year in the Majors division in little league baseball with the big boys and is being scouted for possibly being on the all star team. Despite most of his season I was in the hospital and recovering. My hubby still maintained as assistant coach of the team as well. We got through it and I know we’ll keep getting through with our faith guiding us though.

It felt like I had good momentum this week for the normalcy I so need to get back into. Especially when last week I struggled so badly but I got through it and the next day always brought something new to be thankful for. I feel free to fully embrace everything I am: my past, my present and my future.

My oldest and me at his 8th grade promotion
The whole family
My youngest doing his thing!
Enjoyed a family day at the mall with my niece
My brother and niece

7 thoughts on “Looking Back to Move Forward

  1. Nice shots! Lovely moments and memories!Congratulations! I’ve nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award. http://wp.me/p27eXb-7z


    1. Wow thank you! I’m honored and what a beautiful award. I’m so into trees!


      1. Haha! Make sure the touch down is gentle.Best Regards!


  2. fivereflections June 9, 2012 — 2:05 pm

    it is nice to look back to move forward, keep those thoughts

    David in Maine USA


    1. Thank you David~ The reflections of the past doesn’t have to be haunting.


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