Everyday Miracles

Second week back at Celebrate Recovery; this time with the hubby. It’s been a long time since he has gone. When we moved we searched for this Christian based step study and it’s how we found our church. They were just starting it up and we would be apart of the leadership to help bring it to fruition. This has been a huge support dealing with my health issues, our marriage, and our family life. We both carried heavy hurts from our childhood and past. We needed a place where we can work towards releasing the bondage that held us back. So we can move pass the hurts, the hang-ups and the habits in able for us to truly live peaceful, healthy, productive lives.

We have never had any kind of counseling at least after going through all we have gone through with my health trails. This has been very effective in helping us with every trial. I know the different levels of coping methods we go through and lately it feels like we are running on fumes. It has been a whirlwind coming out of the many hospital stays; surgery after surgery. Sometimes we wonder if we even had time to have post-traumatic stress. We somehow kept pushing along but there is always a breaking point. It’s timely to go after the break through before we have the break down.

Tonight I felt that assurance again. It felt complete to have my hubby by my side. I try to never force anything on him. Between the both of us he’s had to carry most of the load; maintaining work and keeping up with our family life, when I just couldn’t hold up my part because of not physically able to. Being his other half I could feel when he is depleted. I was surprised he wanted to come tonight but maybe it was his friend’s testimony we listened to over the weekend that inspired him. Or maybe he could already see how much it helped me last week.

I could already see a lightness in his spirit an in mine. See a smile that I haven’t seen in a while. There is just a realness in this place that our souls desire. A place where we can be transparent and lift the heavy load. We appreciate being with like-minded individuals who are seeking to find go after their miracle. I’m glad we really never stopped pursuing ours.

11 thoughts on “Everyday Miracles

  1. The Bible encourages believers to be with like-minded people. Glad it is well for you two. 🙂


    1. Thank you for that reminder. Definitely helps with the spiritual walk.


  2. Beautiful … So happy you and your husband have such a wonderful community of spiritual support…


    1. Thank you RL, I love to know some of the tools you used as well. We are still learning and growing.


  3. yes it’s a journey Maribel… have had to redefine some of our relationship, and allow space sometimes… still find moments of joy, also have looked deeper into spirituality in many senses… He practices Tai Chi, and I have found the writing, photography, meditation etc. helpful… Rituals daily – sunsets when can, walking – breathing, and just appreciation for the blessings… Always here if you want to know more. Keep your beautiful spirit nurtured always ~ RL


    1. Thank you for sharing. I always wanted to do yoga. I really need to learn how to relax my body and all my senses and take that time to relax. I remember getting a massage and the lady showed me in my hand how tense I was. She said I was tense all over my body. I always look at my hands if I’m holding tension but that will be my next area to work on. I will keep finding ways to nurture my spirit. I learned the benefits when the body is not up to par to fill your spirit. Hopefully the spirit and body will connect one day 🙂 ! Thank you RL for your wonderful feedback!


  4. It sounds like a wonderful program. I pray it continues to heal you and provide what you need. Sometimes when I feel like life is crushing me, I want to run–away to anywhere other than where I am. What I really need is to disconnect with my surroundings and connect with God. I hope you are able to do this, especially in the coming days with the funeral.


    1. I sometimes worry about my reaction to things. I don’t know if it’s because of my own close calls that I have this assurance that there is just much more to this life. It still of course is never easy but I think it is the connection I seek everyday. I too get so distracted with everything that is going on. I need accountability and thank God I found a place where I can get that. Thank you for your comment and sharing your heart again. I appreciate it very much~ Blessings allthingsboys~


  5. Never give up, rest when needed and trust GOD to restore everything stolen with double for our troubles. Jesus Christ is amazing. Loved reading your post today I pray you heal expediently fast. Praise GOD you are sharing your faith and miracle of life with others needing help. You helped me today 🙂


    1. Amen amen and amen. I’m so glad to connect with you today. Thank you for this encouragement too. Look forward to following along this journey. I feel it’s always important to making a difference in this world. It’s what life is all about. I commend your work!


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