My Tribute

I missed posting yesterday and broke my challenge to post everyday but circumstances changed with the recent passing of my Uncle. I committed to making the memorial service program and had to focus on getting it complete.  I’m glad I was able to do it and in the process learn much more about him. I was able to coordinate back and forth with my cousin and glad to lessen the load where ever I can.

Unfortunately, I didn’t grow up so close to my mom’s side since we all live so far so and we couldn’t gather as often. It’s hard that our reunion is a funeral but in these times it really shows no matter what there is that family bond that is just there and it shows even more so in these hard times. I grew up being so close to my family. More on my dad’s side and then my husband’s huge family. But when it comes to family my love is no different. Family is one of the greatest gifts here on earth. Sometimes it’s so easy to take it for granted. I choose just to stand in love. Easy said than done but I try to walk in this statement. We thankfully had the chance to reconnect and see my Aunt and Uncle when we moved closer to them. I’m glad for these past years and truly cherished that time.

Next couple days will be a little busy but I will write as much as I can. I miss visiting friends sites but I will catch up. Thank you for the recent visits and follows to my page. I will keep sharing my daily story as it comes and still very committed to my challenge. I just now realize some things will just come up.

I appreciate all the prayers for my family during this time.

My Tribute

Celebrating with my Uncle & Auntie~

“For the Christian the day of death is a day of victory on that day he received his crown, his palm of victory. Having lived the life of grace on earth, he reaches heaven the fullness and perfection of that life, union with God in the beatific vision.”

4 thoughts on “My Tribute

  1. God bless your uncle and your family, Maribel.


  2. God Bless and may strength and Love carry you through this loss of your beloved Uncle. ~RL


    1. Thank you RL~ Yes strength is to be carried!


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