I Will Tesify

Since my last post God certainly showed me and my family the power of your story. I wrote this in an emotional state but I was lifting up every word written in faith. This was a reminder of the reason I share my story and the blessing it brings from doing so. I tend to feel vulnerable when revealing so much especially during difficult moments in life but time and time again I have found how rewarding it is to open yourself and testify.

In my purpose statement I reference:  Psalm 138:8

You will see I can no longer speak for myself because I am nothing without his grace. This gift is what I offer of myself! It is a testimony that I must share. So the story continues and please continue to keep the faith within. God is doing marvelous things in all of our lives and I am just a little fragment to testify that even in the darkest situations God is very powerful and his love is unconditional! The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever.

Yesterday we received a huge blessing that will help us get caught up financially. As I shared in my last post how the pressures of everything had clouded the vision of going to the Transplant Games. All while we were catching up to life in general; was a pretty crazy idea. I was upfront how I wasn’t sure I’d be physically ready after going through such an ordeal. But this is the funny thing about faith. One I can say “I’m thankful” what the years going through obstacles has produced in me. There were many times physical circumstances seemed impossible. How much really could the human spirit go through? I had every reason to just give up but one thing my rebellious days taught me was to fight. Who would have known how essential this fighting spirit would be in my adult life.

My life is a gift and one I must continue to testify of this grace. It doesn’t always make sense. But one I won’t question. God has walked with me in the shadow of death and through these dark valleys and He has brought me through. The blessing that came our way was from somebody we helped at one time. I learned to give without expecting anything in return. You put something out in the spiritual realm that pleases God and the blessing comes back when you least expect it. Or in our case when we needed it most.

It is tough to walk a life of righteousness. It takes work every day. It’s so easy to be swayed in the wrong direction. My old nature tends to come out during hard times and oh the thoughts that run through my mind. I constantly have to die to that old nature but somehow in the pressure of life it has it way. I know as long as I’m here on earth I will constantly be tested. But through each test that your able to walk through there is victory. I know as I fight to live as God intended me to there is victories each and everyday. I want to continue to fix my eyes on the right path. I have this gift of life and everyday is a blessing. I have to make the most of it. I don’t want to live in fear. I want to seize the opportunities when it’s there and when I’m asked to share my story I will do so.

Speaking of which, I was asked to share my testimony at a special gathering tomorrow. I haven’t shared in front of people in a while. But I must… It will be the first time I’ll be sharing the battle I just overcame. I’m glad I wrote each step of the way through my website. My postaday challenge has already been rewarding. I am missing a few days here and there but just having this goal of writing has given me a focus that I need during my recovery process. I have a few things I’m excited to be apart of including attending a senate education hearing on bill AB 1967 organ donation education in high school health and science classes.

I still will be taking it slow. I won’t go crazy with my volunteering. I have done this several times. I always worried if I slowed down I would get sicker. This season has taught me different. This is the first time I found patience in the process. Maybe not by choice but it’s helping me learn how valuable taking this time is. No more repeats for me. It so important that this summer is different. That I stay on this healing path. In the meantime when I’m asked to share I must because I’m an example of God’s grace. I know I am still healing and I am certainly taking it one day at a time. When I do have the chance to share my story. I am fulfilling my purpose!

12 thoughts on “I Will Tesify

  1. Spiritual World Traveler June 21, 2012 — 6:15 pm

    Good luck tomorrow! I’m sure you will inspire many!


    1. Thank you, preparing some words to say but I know the spirit talks for me, I’m just a willing vessel 🙂


  2. Hey that’s excellent news Maribel, and best of luck tomorrow. Go and be well! 🙂


    1. Thank you John for wishing me well. I’ll be sharing the experience and maybe get some snap shots~


  3. You spoke life into me today! Your such an amazing force of good for those who sometimes feel the burden is to heavy to bear, but our God is always sufficient enough in his grace and mercy that no matter what it looks like, he will always pull us through when we have complete trust in him and “HIS” will, not ours. God is truly using you and your following his call. I love you so much sis. Your inspiring me to get busy in what God has put in my heart for a long time. Thank you!


    1. I’m thankful this was not just a word for me but for you too. We often our intertwined as sisters. You have been obedient and your example has always inspired me. Yes time to get busy and every little step is a step into His purpose. I love you!


  4. Sending you blessings and good wishes for a wonderful experience tomorrow…. you are born to inspire Maribel!


    1. Thank you for your blessing! Likewise we are born to inspire!


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