Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

My beautiful grandmother, who was a fashion designer. She created these gowns herself when she was only 21 years old. I was named after my grandma Isabel.  This maybe the only post that I’ll reveal that my name is Maria Isabel but was called “Maribel” all my life. Grandma Isabel passed away before I was born…

This photo challenge reminded me how my family is carrying her legacy in the gifting of creativity.

My sister Maritess owner of Malaya Incorporated which specializes in creating a sanctuary to enhance the client’s personality and accentuate their lifestyle living in inspired spaces.  It is the little details that create ambience and project harmony into the home. The Malaya showroom can be rented as a vacation rental visit:  http://www.vrbo.com/preview/420807

This is me as I was creating one of my many projects. Photo taken by my son while I was focused to the point of no sleep. When I take on a project I am committed. Invitations, programs, writing, event planning, etc…

My oldest sewing a customized brim on his baseball cap. This is one of the many things he creates. He makes customized designed shirts through graffiti art and screen printing, etc…

My youngest is a natural artist. This is just one of his many sketches. He mostly is an athlete but he was just like me when I was younger. I always sketched faces. He has a unique point of view.

The legacy of creating is carrying on…

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

  1. What a creative family! I never felt creative until I started painting pottery. After that, I started photography and now blogging! I’ve suddenly tapped into all of this creative energy I never even knew I had. It’s pretty wonderful! Exhilarating!


    1. Thank you for your comment Zully, I love your sanctuary! I’d like to take on painting too. Tapping into creativity is healing for the soul!


  2. Such a talented family Maribel



  3. I am so mesmerized by the talents of your family from you grandmother to your youngest son. I can’t help but notice the words on his drawing, “For: Dad, From: Yourson.” Simple , innocent but full of love that we adults can learn from and appreciate. Your story in “Home,” is one miracle of life. Thanks. Best wishes to your family.


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