An All Star Lesson

Oh where has time gone? With so much going on it has been so hard to collect my thoughts. I’m always waiting for the perfect time to write. But this has been one crazy week. My youngest son’s all-star season, out-of-town family staying with us, fourth of July, Zumbathon, healing and life in general. This is just the beginning of a busy month.

Let me start with the anticipated All Star Tournament. For the past couple weeks our boy trained pretty much everyday. It’s all he thought about. If he wasn’t practicing he was watching baseball on TV if he wasn’t watching it on TV, he was watching it on Youtube clips. We invited family and friends to attend this momentous occasion. Most traveled far to come. If you can imagine how pumped up we all were. We would come to find that our boy wouldn’t have much playing time. By the time he got up to bat I could see all that he built in. Thankfully he pitched the last inning but since he was so ready to play he ended up hitting 2 kids. The game ended with 10-1. It was a discouraging start and we couldn’t help but wonder why he wasn’t treated fairly. He not playing was new to us and we all felt everyone earned their way to be an all-star.

Second game we had more family come including my sister who traveled from LA. This time he barely got an inning to play. By the time he got up to bat literally in the last inning he shut down. This time we were furious and let our emotions get the best of us. Our youngest called his coach stupid and walked off the field and wanted to go home and we sure wanted to leave too. We realized it wasn’t the right thing to do. We know in the years playing baseball the best lesson of the game is to have good sportsmanship. We encouraged him to apologize to his coaches and not to let his team down. This became more emotional on our part. Most of this season I barely was able to see a game. His first day of the spring season I got the call that I was going into transplant rejection. This very game along with sports in general became an outlet for my husband and boys while I was in and out of the hospital.

In my last post I wrote that we have come to terms that nothing has been the same in this season of recovery. Being upset the way we were that day was out of character as we know so well the nature of the game. We have had our share of disappointments. With all my health obstacles trust me we had our times where we just couldn’t understand why us? Why is this happening when all we are trying to do is good? Of course we aren’t asking a coach but we ask God (the coach of all coaches). We had this situation and we felt unfairness but we know so well to not be a bad sport when life isn’t always so fair.

Here is my youngest who I know had the most difficult time with my health problems. It reflected in his school work and some emotional outburst here and there. However he has this passion for baseball. Something he is so good at. Win or lose he continued and his peers noticed it. It’s why he made it on the all-star team. There was definitely much more decision making behind the game. One we know to always support regardless; it’s what we sign up for. I think I felt my boys pain more than ever. I know how much it hurts to want to have that opportunity to do what you love. Just as much as I love to live but my continued health issues has posed every challenge for me to play the game of life. I can’t help emphasize how difficult my health challenges has made things for my whole family.

We couldn’t use this game to fight our battles. It’s just one of many. We know the only way is to make things right. I made sure to email the coaches and apologized for our actions and told them our story. I learned how its important to open up these lines of communication and take accountability; regardless who’s right or wrong. We can’t change other people’s posture but we can change ours. It’s automatic with my years of recovery. To make amends to keep moving forward. My youngest had to sit out a game for his remark and for our mini outburst. The important thing is we made things right and we made sure he came back to finish the all-star tournament with respect and dignity.

Baron de Coubertain, founder of the modern-day Olympics, said “The important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part.” (shared in team norcal email recently). This was an important lesson to us all with the All Star tournament and as we embark our first trip to the the Transplant Games of America. I have been bummed that I have had several stumbling blocks while I was trying to train for some track and field events. If it wasn’t the pain that I was fighting through it was abnormal lab results. I want to honor my living donor and what my gift of life has provided. Even though its been a tough road its one that I’m thankful for. Just to be able to participate should be enough. This is also true in life; to always be grateful to “be” able to have a shot at life should be sufficient.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. ~2 Cor 12:9

Our fourth of July was nice and relaxing. Just as planned. It was different as my neighbor who normally organized the block party moved. How fast things can change from one year to the next.  Since we live in area that fireworks are legal of course the kids got to enjoy popping off some fireworks. I would’ve taken on the planning but there was much to be done in with the Zumbathon and preparing for the upcoming trip to the Transplant Games. Asking businesses for raffles and figuring out facilities. I am thankful for my friend who organized every detail. She is an amazing event planner and had fun to have a little taste in what I love to do.

The day of the event we had to address some major family issues with someone I wanted to love from a distance. There is some legalities to the situation which makes it very hard to share. I can say it is something that took every humble fiber to address. We always want to do what is right but when it comes to enabling we have to watch ourselves. Tough love is so necessary. Something we are learning raising our kids. This has been the theme of the week and after dealing with what happened with our youngest we were yet challenged with another situation. You bet I was in prayer every step of the way. I know the only way to overcome is to take on whatever life brings.

I was blessed to be asked to speak at church on Sunday. After such a hectic week I had this opportunity to profess God’s goodness in my life and share a bit of my story. To have the time to honor my husband, my boys, family, friends and my church family who stood by me through it all. Of course God who coaches me through life’s most difficult moments. I was thankful to end the week in thanksgiving. To be able to open my mouth and say I will continue to overcome regardless of what life may bring. That my participation means much more than I could ever imagine. Life will go on and lessons will always be learned but this week was an all-star lesson to take with us!

5 thoughts on “An All Star Lesson

  1. You’ve got far more energy than I have, Maribel! Go go go!!


    1. Thanks John, there is rest in between all that 🙂 Trying to keep moving forward>>>


  2. Thanks for catching us up. I love Zumba!! I am also so happy you had the chance to speak and share your testimony. I’m sure you impacted a lot of people through your words that day. Your humility and grace during your times of frustration and struggle is one to be admired… keep shining!


    1. Hi Kristen, I need another catch up but thank you for following along and your encouragement. I been working myself to the next post. I’ve had a few health obstacles but picking myself right back up and hoping to only be stronger with each fall. I know its through the hard times real humility comes. It truly is a super power only Christ can give because I can’t imagine doing this in my own strength. God bless you Kristen, I will have to catch up on your blog too!


  3. Hi Maribel,

    I would like to say Happy New Year to you, may 2013 be a year of success, love, and happiness for you. 🙂

    Subhan Zein


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