Off We Go!

We are now hours away! We leave our house at 3:30am to catch our flight out. As I mentioned I feel like I’m holding my breath until I step into that airplane. Last week I had a blood transfusion, yesterday I rushed my doggie to the vet and I burnt my hand and today I received scary labs (adjustments to recent blood transfusion). I just got off the phone with the Doc and I’m still cleared to go! Woo hoo! We have reached 77.17% of our initial fundraising goal. We are travelling with a very tight budget. Had to maneuver things to make this trip possible. Which meant flying into Chicago and spending an extra night. We do have lots of driving to do. I finally officially booked our flights last Friday (Thank you sister for helping us). We didn’t anticipate the airline to double and hoped to catch a last-minute deal but it wasn’t happening. My sister got creative and figured away to make it work within our budget. We will be flying in Thursday. With a few layovers at LA and Salt Lake City. We’ll drive around Lake Michigan. Stay an evening in Indiana and meeting with my cousin and finally get to the Michigan on Friday where we will check in and join opening ceremonies. It’s going to be a journey alright but we’ll be enjoying each moment of it. These are places we never been and an experience we never experienced!

My family supporting our last fundraising event!

Our last fundraising event was a great success! Thank you Lennie-Jane and the whole “Feel the music dance and fitness fundraiser” crew for putting your heart into the cause.


Thank you everyone that has donated from the time we started in April. It isn’t no easy task to ask for money but this was a cause I really believed in. I am grateful you believed with me! We can use more donations to help us out. Every little thing counts. This GoFundMe account will remain open. I have to keep raising funds to help us meet our first goal. Literally planning a garage sale when we get back home. Thank you so much for your support!

I have honor my youngest son since it was his 11th birthday yesterday.

To My Miracle, Not a day goes by that I don’t look at you and remember witnessing my first miracle. Born 2 pounds & 13 ounces fitting in the palm of your dad’s hand. I thank God for all that you bring in my life and to our family. You are my little fighter and admire when you set your heart to something you don’t give up! This year you achieved many things and so proud of you. I know your 11th year of life will just bring you much more! You are an over comer from the day you were born! Happy birthday to my baby boy!

Family Dinner for my baby (See my hand I burnt it while making some of his favorite dishes).

It sure has been crazy days but I turn to my blog to share all the blessings along the way. Still need to keep grounded as life seems to zoom on by. Regardless you’ll here from me at least once a week (Officially Committed to a PostaWeek but will post as much as time and energy allows). I’m hoping to find to capture all that I’m experiencing each day on our travels as we embark the Transplant Games of America. Please keep me in prayer for protection and health!

Here’s News coverage featuring Team Norcal on Bay Area KRON4 with Gary Radnich broadcast! You will see how amazing the Transplant Games of America is and what this celebration of life is all about:!gary-radnichs-sports/c165n

3 thoughts on “Off We Go!

  1. Awesome! Have a dandy trip, and welcome to Michigan, my home state! I am near Flint. Michigan is beautiful this time of year, glad your not visiting in winter. Hope your hand heals up. Yowwzzaa!

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  2. I just stumbled upon this blog. You seem like such a strong woman. Good luck on your journey(s)!

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  3. You courage and the love you and your family give to each other is an inspiration to us all. You survive the toughest battles because you have a heart of pure faith with so much to give and hope. I wish you all the best. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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