The Fight Continues

0202201402/09/2014 Via Instagram “It’s been rough couple weeks & now here in the emergency room. Last place i want to be but unfortunately new complications with my kidney transplant. I didn’t think this medication could damage it anymore than it already has but it is causing so many new problems. Praying the next 2 wks go quickly.”

0210201402/10/2014 Via Instagram “Got transported to UCD. I was admitted yesterday & it was a full day of figuring out what was going on & fighting pain&fatigue but they keeping me comfortable. The infusion medication has caused another rejection episode & they decided it be best to remove my transplant. Its bittersweet & I was cherishing each & everyday i had with my gift of life. It has gone through so much&pushed on but it’s now time to really part ways. :’-( So i’ll be getting ready for this surgery & now in the care of UCD. I thank you all for the love, prayers&well wishes. It’s been difficult to get online but each&every msg is appreciated & is definitely an encouragement during this difficult time.”

0220201402/20/2014 Via Instagram “Was able to pack up & finally be discharged from the hospital last night. Was very hard to get online. From the time I got surgery I had to go through the steps of fighting the pain. I needed meds around the clock. The next day I found out that i had so much inflammation&scar tissue surrounding my kidney transplant that they had to cut into my #peritoneummembrane which helped me dialyse this past year gently without much changes. So the next day they needed to insert a #permacath in my chest for another method of treatment. Next physical therapy to help me take my first steps and eventually graduated from eating fluids to solids. While continuing the infusions for the very infection that has caused all this. Its what every surgery had been like & I’ve have had many. But one thing God has continued to show me is that this fight is worth fighting for. I have had 2 straight stable years that i didn’t have to mention no sickness of any sort. I truly believe more will come. I will never lose faith God has brought me through so much. I still have a lil more fight to go & some new adjustments but life will go on. Thank you for all the prayers. The church family that came&prayed with us, those that were able to visit, call (even if i couldn’t answer), helped with our kids, & sent all those encouraging healing messages. We are truly grateful for such a strong support system.

0222201402/22/2014 Via Instagram “Yesterday was the 1st incenter dialysis treatment I’ve had since I 1st went into #kindneyfailure in 2005. It sure has come a long way. Flat screen TV’s with cable, WiFi the works. Back in than we had these mini TV’s with a couple channels. They say it can take 6-12 wks for my tummy to heal & I could go back to my home treatments. To be honest i haven’t felt like i started dialysis up until now only because the home treatments preserved my kidney function. Nothing really changed&life went on. I’ve mourned the loss of my #kidneytransplant for some time now but when they removed it i truly felt the loss. I know i have to be thankful that I’m still here to fight another day&that regardless of the challenges I’ve been able to be there for my family the best i could. That’s all i could really ask for. Everything happened pretty fast&I still have to process it all but all i know is this #ValleyFever gots to go & this is the only way it will. A lot had to be sacrificed but I know God knows what he’s doing. Thank u all for allowing me to share. I know God is giving me this battle because it’s my testimony & one I should be grateful to have. I have overcome so much&i know all this has molded&shaped me into the person God has created me to be. I’m just thankful that i have words to express again. It’s been tough but with each word I’m able to express is healing to my soul. So Thank u for the overwhelming support&having Faith that continued miracles are coming my way.”

03/0603062014/2014 Via Instagram “I know I’ve been pretty quite but the past several weeks had been rough. Between new dialysis routine&scheduling my infusions right after but thought it be better than being at the hospital every day. So i started having more low grade fevers&its been hard to breath esp when im layer to sleep. So in the middle night woke up with a terrible coughing spell & felt like I was burning up. Sure enough I had a fever of 101.3 which was an automatic trip to the ER. They seen blood count & oxygen levels was low and some fluid around heart&lungs. So they are testing me for everything. Currently receiving 2 units of blood. Was hoping the next post i made I be up&going by now. But this is definitely a tough battle. Still dancing in the storm. And i know God is sustaining me. I know this to shall pass. Thank u for continued prayers!”

0308201403/08/2014 Via Instagram “I just wanted to thank u family&friends for the outpouring of prayers. Sorry I’m always a delayed response but it’s been pretty busy as u see with my care board. CT scans, sonograms, treatments&more testing which requires some premedications which leaves me in no position to write. But i have been able to to read all those life breathing messages that i humbly accept. I really thank u for all that brings light to what could easily be a dark situation. They are making some medication changes to help the fluid around heart & CT scan showed some fluid around my surgery site where my transplant was removed&they are figuring if it can be as easy as draining it or if surgery is needed. I have an order to not eat just incase. So far no other infections our showing up on the test which I’m continuing to pray it will remain negative. Im definitely getting some awesome diligent care&I already feel the couple unit of blood helping my energy. Just want to thank my family for how amazing they are. To keep going regardless of this new obstacle. Im routing for my big boy as he has a track meet today. Thankful to my hubby to keep our family going. Also the outpouring of support from friends&family.”

0309201403/08/2014 Via Instagram “So thankful for family visiting today. It really was my 1st full day feeling good & more myself. Just to get out of the hospital room&hang out in the cafeteria & get a piece of normalcy. But what I always appreciate is all the laughs we share. It’s always healing to my soul. Thank u @mvilla523 & @alanvillatuya for making the drive up always love #family #QT03102014

03/10/2014 Via Instagram “So thankful for another visit today. I feel tremendously blessed with all that God puts in my path. Being able to work tells my disabilty that I’m more than able. Thank u guys for being another extension of support in my life. Really enjoyed seeing your faces today. Thank u for all the goodies too! 

0312201403/12/2014 Via Instagram “I’m home again & this is what i love the most about being home. It’s always hard to be away for too long. I feel like this last hospital trip got the recovery back on track. I’ve been down this road before&God has always restored me piece by piece with new strength & perspective. 03162014When your in situations when Faith is all you can hang on to its humbling&only makes me appreciate my life&purpose even more. Which #1 is being here for my family. Excited for this new season of restoration. Thank u all again for your continued prayers.”

03/16/2014 Via Instagram “Family one of God’s masterpieces. Thank u for the visit today. Love u guys!”

0318201403/16/2014 Via Instagram “Last day of these crazy infusions. It hasn’t been easy. 3 xs a wk & the last month i went back to back with dialysis. It was brutal. Made me lose my transplant, daily fevers, inflammation, and over weird stuff. Atleast it didn’t make me lose my hair this time. Just praying this will be the very last time I have to take this medication. Regardless still thankful it is the only accurate med to kill bone infection. I’m so thankful for the timing too. So much is going on&i need to heal to be there for my family.”

4 thoughts on “The Fight Continues

  1. I hate hitting the like button on posts like this instead they should have a sending love and prayers button, stay strong keep fighting and stay positive however hard it seems at times


    1. That would be an awesome button. Thank you for the love and positivity!


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