The Waiting List

PD2 2013
Photo credits: The Waiting List, David Y. Lee
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“Meet Maribel Butts of Sacramento, CA; after waiting five years, she received a kidney transplant in February 2010 as part of eight-person living donor chain. In August 2012, she received the news from her doctors that the donated kidney failed. Maribel has been on the waiting list since October 2012. “It was devastating because I got better. I was healing. Everything looked like (the kidney) was doing good. I participated in the Transplant Games. I felt like I got over it (the infection). I felt like the kidney held on. I felt like I just got through it. But the damage was made. One day I just noticed that my feet were swollen. I called my nephrologist and said I need to come in. They did the tests and said your kidney is failing.”
This was my interview last year with the waiting list. I wasn’t sure how David was going to sum up everything I shared but he did it well. This basically what has gone on since the last time I wrote in my blog 2 years ago. I had started several times writing but I couldn’t put what I was going through in words. I am now seeing my pattern. Why is it that words come out freely when I’m going through trials. I was restarting life again and things were stable for 2 years. I was in the moment. I was enjoying what health I did have even as I started dialysis again.  All I knew to do was to keep living. I never really stopped sharing. I turned to pictures and Instagramed my days but writing found its way again as I started to put words to the photos I shared.  Always with a smile or a positive word but deep inside I was going through so much. But because I only have so much energy I have made a cautious decision to focus on what is good and let the bad run its course. Breathing light into my failing health however I can. I will soon be a guest editor with The Waiting List and I made sure to update everything as best I could on my blog. Threw in a couple of Instagram post dated when I wrote it. I probably will do that here & there to keep the stories coming. I’m excited to get to writing again. It’s a new season to share and thank you all for continuing to follow this story of mine.
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2 thoughts on “The Waiting List

  1. I always with you and your family in prayer Maribel…anything you write and share will be worth embracing, because I know what you have been through my sister! Hugs and blessings to you and your family always!


    1. Thank you Wendell for continued encouragement. I just want to show that life remains beautiful even when everything seems to be going bad. there is much to be thankful for. Much ❤️ keep soothing souls with your poetry.


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