Happy Mother’s Day Here and In Heaven


I love this picture above of my two moms supporting a cause so dear to my heart. One gave birth to me and the other came into my life as I approached adulthood and motherhood. I would say it is both pivotal times in one’s life. This Mother’s Day will be different; to have one still with me and the other in heaven. It’s happiness and sadness at the same time. Happy to still hear my mom’s voice but sad to not be able to hear my mother in law’s voice. I love to remember moments like above. It was always a blessing to have had both my moms together for important occasions. Times such as the birth of my sons. I had one mom that I wanted to kick out because she was panicking and the other to massage me with a ball during a unmedicated labor. But their presence meant everything. Together we would witness the most beautiful thing. The births of their grandsons. Even as complicating as my second son’s arrival; being born at 30 weeks. You were there. Through the uncertainty. You were the prayers we needed. The calm. The nurturing. I had the best of both worlds. The woman who birthed me. Who raised me up. My mother in law who helped me into motherhood. I didn’t know how it was gonna be like becoming a mom. But I would learn fast at the age of 18 years old. I started to emphasize with my moms and respect the heck out of them for raising me up. Even more so as my boys grew up. I didn’t understand the sacrifices back than. Until I realized I had to sacrifice so much to care for my own.

To my dearest mom, Who had to endure probably the hardest labor with the epidural paralyzing you. I made my way and was born very sick. You took me out of that situation knowing something wasn’t right. Your instinct has always been on point. Even though it could be a little crazy at times. I love you so much for it. I know our relationship was complicating especially in my younger days but having the opportunity to pick up the pieces of what may have been lost has been restored. By God’s grace, we’ve got to share a household. We created new memories. We are a testimony of the power of forgiveness and the healing and restoration that comes with it.

To the mom who took me under her wing at the age of 17, Pregnant and still in High School. You believed in me and Daniel from the start. Maybe because you knew what it was like to fight adversity. I miss your infinite knowledge of all things. Your story telling. I loved it even more when you would tell it to me again, as I would learn a new detail. Thank you for helping me learn to be a better cook and for helping me raise up my boys. You showed me so much strength through all the pain you had to live with. I draw so much from your example. I know this is a tough day for those who love you so much. But we will always celebrate you!

I’m so appreciative for all the women who God placed in my life. Through out the years I gained many spiritual/soul mamas that all have been a huge influence on my life. However, these two women are my D.N.A. They are my past, present and future. They have spoken so much life in me, which makes me the fighter I am today. So this Mother’s Day is a mix of things. I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m thankful and honored to be a mom. Celebrating nevertheless.

Happy Mother’s Day here and in heaven!

Mother’s Day 2015

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