Having faith for provision was always the most difficult thing to trust in life. Especially when I got sick. All the unexpected hospital trips, medications and loss of work. I remember that first year of MY kidney failure; when we didn’t have insurance. Those bills just piled up along with other expenses when we would become a single income household. We always did what we could. I kept attempting to work when I was well. There were many months we had to hustle to make rent. When I mean hustle, we worked overtime and even had to get cash advances. The worst kind of loan in the world. It was our only option as our credit started to not be so great. A lot has happened since I became sick. I would have my moments and Daniel was always good with having faith. I may be the one that is in constant active pursuit for a faith filled life. However, he has more faith than me in the matters where faith is more needed, like in the area of provision.

I will say, looking back provision was always met. It can only be because of God’s protection. We’ve been tested in many ways when it came to our finances. Sometimes we’d spend money going out doing things with the family. Time can be scares going through life with a family member with chronic illness. So sometimes we can overcomposate for the things my kids have to face with us. It’s easy to get caught up in “living life to the fullest” “live life like your dying”. This is hard because its a reality for us. So enjoy food adventures, bargain shopping, exploring our city which all cost money. We both get paid on the first of the month. So it’s important to budget and we’ve definitely got better throughout the years. There should be a balance. I’ve always created budgets so we were able to afford the life we wanted to live. Not so much these days with so many health obstacles.

There has to be balance and priorities must come first. When it comes to our boy’s passions which I feel is their gifting. We want to nurture it. So we’ve kept our youngest in baseball since he was little and continued to support my oldest need to create. It’s an investment and worth every penny. Most importantly, we learned to give 10% of our earning for our monthly tithing. If we couldn’t give the full 10% in money we offered our time to volunteer in our church, boy’s schools, or their sports. We just learned to be giving of ourselves. Not only were we sowing seeds, we became better people in the process.

With the last valley fever episode it got rough again. We had so much faith that I was getting over it every single time. To get 4 re-occurrences and have to do another treatments right behind dialysis which made for 8 hour days. I just went through 7 weeks of this about the same time last year and 2 years before that. To have to do it again was heartbreaking. I had to have a little talk with God about it all. Basically I get the same answer to just have faith. It’s all His word says. I start remembering provision made sometimes just at the right time. Whether it be our finances or my health. We have gotten through every trial and blessings always followed. Our appreciation for life and people changed. We have our moments still because no matter what we are human and some character traits don’t change overnight. Deep inside I believe we have become humble to the core. With the sickness, all the pain and Daniel and the boys witnessing it all having to help nurse me back to health. It breaks down the pride, the anger and just makes us appreciate the day at hand. We often just have to laugh at the rough patches in life.

With this occurrence, I needed Daniel with me. As much as I needed him, he needed me, and our kids needed us. We have just walked through a difficult season losing too many loved ones on top of my health issues. We ALL needed healing. My sister created a Gofundme fundraiser. We are still in complete awe how God worked through this fundraiser. I realized by opening up in this area of life it can only bless you more. With the long hospitalizations Daniel had to always be in two places. He’d come home check in with the boys, take them to wherever they needed to go, cook dinner and go right back to the hospital so he can sleep in the room with me and be there when I woke. Forever my advocate. When I came home we started the long treatment days. I still can’t believe Daniel worked through some of these times.

With the donations we were able to get through the 7 weeks of hospitalizations and treatments. Daniel remains on unpaid leave of absence. He has put his job at risk but thankful he’s been getting excused for being my main caregiver. So very thankful for the laws that are in place that protects family members caring for sick family. We were really able to just focus on getting through the struggle at hand. Without that help we would’ve faced eviction and who knows what else. My husband never wanted to put our business out there in this department but even he, is so humbled by the generosity. With 63 donations we raised $8,627. We asked for $1, $5, $20 whatever you can give. People have stretched themselves in donating in the hundreds and even thousands. More than we could ever ask for. I know many of those people have followed the words I wrote in the past about my fight via this blog and social media. Many are friends and family who have prayed for us faithfully. Some were friends of friends, anonymous or just ran into the page. This gesture is sowing seeds of healing and the faith in our future. Because everything could have changed but this emergency fund is sustaining us. God showed us provision yet again and it came just on time. We are truly grateful for helping us carry through. We are made to bless so we can bless others.


It is more blessed to give than to receive. -Acts 20: 35

Thank you and Much Love, Daniel, Maribel, Marcelo & MarquezDSC_2749x

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