Dear Son

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Dear Son,

It’s getting more real everyday that you are becoming an adult. We are in the home stretch, your last year of High School. You have managed to get through school and have a real high school experience. All that me and your dad wanted for you. As you know from my constant reminders about not growing up too fast like us. I’m glad you didn’t have to. Even though I know it was tough to have a sick mama. You have had to deal with this most your life. You were only 7 years old when my kidneys failed and you had to go on this crazy roller coaster ride with us. I know it made learning difficult and you had to work a little more harder than other kids. I’m sure there were many days you would hold the burden. It must have not been easy to move schools several times while we adjusted into this new life. But you are so resilient and have come so far. Honor student in middle school and have manage to keep your grades up in High School.

I’m glad God planted us in a place where you were able to grow and become the young man who you are becoming. Stability was all we wanted to give you which was not the easiest when things were not always stable. I know we’ve made mistakes along the way being young parents. I’m sorry but not sorry because I want you to know life isn’t perfect. We are bound to make mistakes but it’s how you respond that will matter most. Hope we were good examples of this. We did our best to be there for every aspect of your life. Even at times my health would take away time. You being the oldest you had to take on more responsibilities. I believe this will prepare you to take on this world.

We did our best to nurture your creativity and style. All the goodwill/thrift store hauls which has been the starts of your entrepreneurship. Sometimes your visions are so big and it could feel unattainable. But step by step son you will get there. I already know you will go far in whatever you put your heart to. Continue to follow God and he will lead the way. Take time to always give back. I think you’ve learned this young in life; travelling to Mexico your 9th grade year to help build a home and work in an orphanage. Which was a life changing experience for you. When I let you go I knew that will always help you to remember how blessed you are to have the things you have.

As you go into your Senior year. Enjoy every bit of it. I’m sure the pressures will get a little more harder as the reality of adulthood is more closer. Just remember everything you go through in life is preparing you for your calling in life. I believe we’ve gotten some good hints through your school career. I hope everything we’ve gone through as a family; will help you through whatever challenges the future may hold. Remember there is always victory just keep pushing through! God has big plans for you bud! Don’t let anything hold you back. Let’s finish well son. I love you and always so proud of you!


Your mama

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2 thoughts on “Dear Son

  1. A few years ago ii had to have serious spinal surgery, nothing to what you have faced but I had never had any form of surgery (other than an emergency caesarian but I didn’t have time to think about that one) and I was scared, not about being paralysed which was one possible side effect but leaving my kids, so I left them letters just incase, thankfully it all went okay and I tore the letters up but I decided that I wanted to make sure they knew how much they meant to me in more than just words so the years since each new years eve I sit down and write a letter to each and include tickets from things we have done that year and a photo or two. I hope they will both have huge piles before they ever have to open them but that when they do it will help them with the grieving process, my only regret is I didn’t think of it the minute they were born 😀

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    1. I too had serious spine surgery and that was scary because of the risk, so I understand. I did write a lot to my oldest every month he was in my tummy. Than a couple throughout the years but want to start up again. My health is still challenging and I write for them. So if anything was to happen they’ll have my stories. It’s never too late to start writing. I know I am trying to make a better effort too. Thank you so much for your message. Maybe we’ll see an open letter posted. 😀


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