Warrior Women

What is a warrior women? Visually you may think this gladiator type of women ready for battle. The definition of warrior: is a brave or experienced soldier or fighter. The definition of a fighter is a warrior (or soldier) someone who does not give up : someone who continues fighting or trying.

I have been blessed to have many warrior women that fit that description. Seasoned in battling out some of the most toughest life challenges. That has been stretched to capacity in all their roles in life but do it in such a way that is graceful and sometimes supernatural.

During my birthday month I was able to get together with some of these women in my life and celebrate. It’s always difficult to make plans due to schedules and distance. I have a diverse group of friends from all the many places, phases and seasons in my life.

The first plan took place a week before my birthday. Ladies Nights are not always easy to plan. Energy and even finances. With the years fighting chronic illness I always work with a budget. I had to share a new atomapp and we all got to benefit from the 1st free movie.

I’ve been wanting to watch Bad Moms since it came out and it was perfect because it was a smaller crowd since its been in the theaters for a few weeks now. The movie was hilarious and raunchy; but at the same time there was a great message that is very relatable to this warrior women topic.

Amy (Mila Kunis) has a seemingly perfect life – a great marriage, over-achieving kids, beautiful home and a career. However she’s over-worked, over-committed and exhausted to the point that she’s about to snap. Fed up, she joins forces with two other over-stressed moms on a quest to liberate themselves from conventional responsibilities…

As women we can get overworked from all the roles we have in life. It can be hard to find time for yourself and find balance. I’ve been there as a working mom, than a (disabled) stay at home mom, wife… It really doesn’t end…

Without spoiling the movie it does have a great lesson about women coming together and not against each other. It’s easy to get caught up in unnecessary drama. It’s a given. It is biologically what estrogen does to us. I’m sure we can say we all have been there. However when you decide to unite, strength for strength; it’s a powerful thing.

The women that gathered for this night out have gone the extra mile for me. If it was bringing me a meal, rides to my treatments, help with my family/kids, help in so many ways in just being there especially when it counts most. They are wives, mothers, professionals, business owners and fighting alongside me with finding the balance between it all. I believe “Ladies Night Out” is important and healthy so you won’t snap!

On my birthday weekend I attended Real Life Church Girlfriend’s Conference. Which I have attended for several years now. My mom joined me as she was in town. I can’t even begin with the family trials we have going on. But my mom being a warrior women herself has always been a great example of being resilient.

The conference has always been a time for me to reflect on where I am in life, the season I’m in and the continued healing I seek in my life. There’s nothing more powerful than hundreds of women together. The atmosphere is beautiful, diverse in ages, nationalities… but all women fighting to live a faith filled life.

That evening I came home refreshed and exhausted but couldn’t miss my friend’s Mo’s fabulous roaring 20’s 40th birthday and graduation celebration. I went home changed quickly and me and my husband was set for a night out. I volunteered with Mo serving the P.T.A. with our kids and our friendship carried on becoming accountability in life as well. Another warrior women that I’m blessed to have celebrated birthdays with almost yearly since we’ve met.

I was able to come home and celebrate my birthday just in time with my family…

The following day after my birthday. I made plans to meet my friend Gerri who is a cancer survivor and Mama D who helped the both of us during our long battles. She was apart of our church urgent care team and she and her husband were very close to our families. It’s been a while since we last seen each other as Mama D recently moved and Gerri is working full-time as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Because of their experience I wanted them to meet my friend Theresa who has acute myeloid leukemia and was in the hospital doing her 4th big dose of chemo. They were a huge support to me and only can pray I can give that back by being there for others in that same way or at least connect them with the right people.

This isn’t always easy dealing with my own health issues but I try the best I could. I know just being able to say, “I understand where your coming from”… can be enough. I’m glad that we got to visit Theresa and they got to share a little of their experiences and of course we prayed for her too.

After we had an early dinner at a nearby restaurant to catch up more. Of course I’m blogging/vlogging away. Everyone knows they sign their right for my story telling when they are with me unfortunately. This is good for my memory sake and bad when it messes up my focus.

This is how I almost lost my purse. As we took a photo I set everything down by this beautiful fountain we were adoring. If it wasn’t for my medicine routine I probably wouldn’t have known it was lost. Just how my brain processes these days. I called the restaurant and they looked in that same spot but it wasn’t there. They said that place can be sketchy and I was sure it was gone.

I left my name and number and almost accepted the fact it was lost. But because I was with women who refuse to give up or take no for an answer we went back to the restaurant and started to look everywhere and ask everyone. Mama D asked every server and thankfully one did find my purse but didn’t put in lost & found right away.

I was thankful everything was still in it including literally the last cash we had. When your trying to do something good don’t be surprised at the challenges that can come against you. This was a perfect example.

This is why being a warrior/fighting woman is not only good to be but good to have in your life. Sometimes you don’t have the strength to fight and that’s when you have your fellow warriors intervene.

When you allow women to unite. Not going against each other but for each other it’s amazing force to be reckon with!

Some of these women I grew up with, some I met at different times in my life. They all have made a great impact in my life. Those are the people I’m thankful to not only do life with but to celebrate life with too.

My 37th Birthday has been all about the warrior women in my life helping me become the warrior woman who I am today! (the family also made it very special too)

Stay tuned on my Instagram/blog as I continue to celebrate life all month long with more warrior women in my life…

2 thoughts on “Warrior Women

  1. That was beautiful Maribel. I can so relate

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    1. You are also a beautiful warrior women that I’m thankful to have in my life


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