My Vision & Purpose

My Vision.. I started writing at a very young age. It was my outlet and how I processed through things. I would never know how much I would need it as a young adult dealing with kidney failure and chronic illness. As I began to share my “Life Saving” journey, I seen that this was not only helping me but others. There has been many changes since I started this blog in 2006. So many postings, comments, followers were lost due to closing my web hosting services which got pretty expensive. So THANKFUL to move everything to wordpress. Where no matter what my content won’t be lost. Some post I’ve recovered along with a combination of things I wrote on social media and journaling. I hope the lessons and insights of living on “borrowed time” can bring a new perspective. As I continuously live a life forgiving, loving, understanding and trusting God to lead the way. All while dealing with chronic illness and everything that comes with it. I can’t sit here and let death overcome me, so I’m grabbing life by its horns and riding it out the best I can.

I formatted this site in a blog format because this is an ever-changing story. God has given me a vision to write a book and it has been encouraged by my friends and family. I’m working hard purging all that I can and eventually the story will come together.

 So we do not give up. Our physical body is becoming older and weaker but our spirit inside us is made new everyday~Corinthians 4:16

My Purpose… The main purpose in creating this blog is to encourage others to speak out because we all have a story to share and there is always someone out there that needs to hear it that can be encouraged. I have had way too many close calls in my life that I try to stay grateful for all that I have and chose not to focus on what I don’t have. It takes lots of work and most of the time I write about this process. I am all about living for the present. Doesn’t mean I don’t set goals because I do. I just rather focus more attention on the “here and now”. I want to live life to the fullest. To keep on growing. To keep on accomplishing. Until the day I’m called back home.

I appreciate all the support, feedback and visits! God Bless

wpid-20141207_161213.jpgYou will see I can no longer speak for myself because I am nothing without his grace. This gift is what I offer of myself! It is a testimony that I must share. So the story continues and please continue to keep the faith within. God is doing marvelous things in all of our lives and I am just a little fragment to testify that even in the darkest situations God is very powerful and his love is unconditional! The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever. Psalm 138:8

This site is dedicated
 first and foremost God for getting me through and my family who stays by my side and reminds me everyday to keep fighting. My 1st organ donor, Sandra Morales & my sister & mom who has been there for me when it most counts. Lastly, my mother in law and uncles who have passed as a result of kidney failure and the other loved ones who have been called home to soon. Every word is for you.

Updated May2015

29 thoughts on “My Vision & Purpose

  1. Hi Maribel, Your story is very moving and inspirational. Thank you so much for following me. I believe we have some things in common, marriage, two children, faith, inspiration, dog lovers, to name a few…I’ll follow you, too, and look forward to reading through your journey. Please bear with me, though, as I’m behind often…Blessings to you, Lauren


    1. I found a strong connection with your poetry. I’ve written some that maybe I’ll share. They aren’t so good but they were from my heart and came from the soul. I know that is where poetry comes from. I’m just starting to write more and immerse myself in the blogging world. I blogged for a long time but since the blog was from another service I never had the wordpress reader and I’m getting so inspired reading so many other blogs. ~Sharing along the journey!


      1. I am a poet, but not a professional, so I encourage you to write and share if you’re comfortable! I look forward to reading your work! 🙂 And thank you for your kind words, too! 🙂


      2. I will have to dig through some journals but I think I may. 😉 Thanks~


  2. Wow, your vision is amazing and I love the Biblical quote above! 🙂

    Subhan Zein


  3. I had the privileged to be able to see first hand by literally having my flesh wither away. If my soul was not saved this body of mine would’ve just died but I am renewed everyday by His grace. Thank you for your comment and follow. I look forward to following along your journey as well.


  4. What an amazing story! Thanks for following my blog Maribel! I look forward to seeing you stop by again and thank you for your openness!


    Mrs. B


    1. Thank you Candice for stopping by and reading my story. I most definitely will stay connected~


  5. Hi Maribel,

    It’s me again. Hehe. Thank you for following my blog. I hope I don’t disappoint you and that your visits in my blog have been and will always be a joyful ride.

    Thank you again and lovely day to you! 🙂

    Subhan Zein


    1. I doubt I be disappointed in what you share. You are a writer in your own right and have accomplished publishing a book. I hope one day I can do that too! Your blog gives inspiration~


  6. Your story is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing


    1. I appreciate your compliment & Thank you for passing by. I will to be sure to visit your blog soon.


    1. Thank you so much! I’m honored. I’ll work on this tonight~


  7. Hello, I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I know not everyone likes to participate in these, just think of it as my appreciation for you lovely and truly inspiring blog. If you do, the information can be found here:


    1. This is an honor Jenny! I love these tokens of appreciation and I love to give it back!


      1. All the best in life Maribel!


  8. faithfulnibbles June 17, 2012 — 6:56 pm

    Thank you Maribel for stopping by and following my blog for those actions brought me here. I am so moved by your story, your courage and most of all your faith. I will be back. God’s blessings.


    1. I had to make sure I had you on my WP reader. Couldn’t write anything at the time but thankful it brought you back to my site. Thank you for your compliment, my life is a story of his grace. I look forward to all you share. God bless~


  9. I am so encouraged by your story. You are truly an inspiration. This hits so close to home for me. My 20 month old son, Ethan, died a month ago from a low-grade fever leading to uncontrollable seizure, to cardiac arrest. God did a miracle and he came back to life and was in a coma for 4 days, but ultimately God chose to take him home. Through the organization Donate Life he gave his 2 kidneys to a woman in her 50’s who was on dialysis. Your story brings to light the blessings that Ethan has given this woman and the life change she is experiencing. Thank you for sharing your story with the world. May God bless you and continue to use you in the years to come to bring hope to many.


    1. Hello Kristen, First off I just want to commend you for your choice to Donate Life. I know it’s not any easy choice to make but I see how your faith has helped you in your decision. As a recipient I am truly grateful. I’m so glad you found my site and I look forward to reading all that you share as a donor mother and honoring your angel Ethan’s life. He looks like certainly served a huge purpose here on earth. I thank God for his healing spirit to show us that our lives here is just glimpse to what he has for us in eternity. While we are here I believe its our purpose to share our lives and he gives us a story which is our history. Which ultimately is His Story. As you share I pray each word brings healing. God Bless, Maribel


  10. Very interesting blog you run
    Greetings from Poland for you

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad that I met you


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