3 Year Kidney Anniversary

Today marks the 3 yr kidneyversary to the kidney chain I was apart of. I have wrestled with what words to even say today because it’s bittersweet since my gift is failing. But I celebrate the fact that I’m still here. After all I’ve gone through I know I’m a walking miracle &this gift will to be an extension to my life. I will forever … Continue reading 3 Year Kidney Anniversary

2 Year Kidneyversary

Today is a special day it’s my 2 year Kidney Anniversary. This is like another birthday to celebrate. Something that has given me the ability to live a better quality of life. Even though I have been having it rough I really don’t know what my condition would be right now if I hadn’t had a donated kidney. When I received my kidney transplant my peritoneal catheter for dialysis was … Continue reading 2 Year Kidneyversary

UC Davis Donor Reunion in the news

Today I met my donor, she is a beautiful woman in and out that I will forever be connected to. This amazing reunion had huge press coverage since it was the first donor swap that UC Davis has done. All coordinated by Sharon Stencil & the transplant team. My kidney donor’s name is Sandra, she is a mother of 6 and has called me her … Continue reading UC Davis Donor Reunion in the news

Kidney Story in the newspapers

Oh wow this is my transplant story and had no idea 8 people was involved. This is soo amazing I can’t even express what I’m feeling right now! Also, SF Chronicle in todays paper~ Four lives saved in complicated kidney swap at UC Davis Medical Center – Medical News – sacbee.com http://www.sacbee.com When an altruistic stranger arrived at the UC Davis Medical Center with a … Continue reading Kidney Story in the newspapers