Blog Life: Birthing A New Word

Hello all there in the blogging world. It’s been a while since I’ve written an actual post on my blog. With every post it can be such a process. It is like a birthing process and lately I’ve felt the labor pains and it’s time to birth a new word. I have had a bad case of writer’s block mixed with a bit of attention issues. I … Continue reading Blog Life: Birthing A New Word

Celebrating Life and Riding The Waves of Grief

Celebrating life and riding the waves of grief pretty much sums up how life has been like lately. I’ve started writing this months ago. However, life has had its way and this post is a hard one but one I must get out and feel once I do it will help me to move forward with my writing endeavors. This is for all that has had … Continue reading Celebrating Life and Riding The Waves of Grief

Assisted Suicide Interview

This blog post is in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day. This topic is similar but definitely different because the situations our different. My friend Nicole Narlock, who’s a nursing graduate, was doing a policy brief on SB128 Assisted Suicide which is up for consideration this 2016 for a school assignment. I’m thankful that she thought my opinion would be a good perspective as I have fought … Continue reading Assisted Suicide Interview

The Valley Fever Story

I first off like to apologize to start this new blog with such a graphic photo to look at. But I thought it was important to share what I’m fighting. These days Maribel’s kidney story has been more like the valley fever story. The reality is I’m fighting both and it makes things a little more complicating. This very infection caused so much damage and … Continue reading The Valley Fever Story


Today I went to a funeral service. I actually was invited to  2 services this week but wasn’t able to do both. I had a funky week which I started to write about but I’ll share later. With this new month I decided to challenge myself to participate in postaday 2012. At least for the month of June. This will be my 50th post (on record … Continue reading Today

An Awesome Weekend

This past weekend felt like my coming out weekend. Its been a long time since I was able to feel and look more like myself. I looked forward to celebrating 12 years of marriage with my hubby. Although, I knew this year we couldn’t do anything extravagant we always make plans. Last year we had breakfast and happened to have prepaid mobile spa certificates which made … Continue reading An Awesome Weekend