Family Over Everything (in this world)

This past month was all about family. Between the end of the year school stuff with my boys, graduations, baseball and family visits. Thankfully I’m starting to have more good days than bad. The good days allows me to have a little fun, quality family time and attend some important events. This is huge milestones for me after a season of healing, mainly being home. Family … Continue reading Family Over Everything (in this world)

Young Love 19 Years and Counting

“I’ve been organizing my memories when I ran into the 1st anniversary greeting written behind a sticker. So young, so naive but every word was true. I thought we conquered it all but it was just the beginning. 2 lost souls who found each other. But God definitely aligned our lives so that we would meet twice to connect our souls to be complete. Yes … Continue reading Young Love 19 Years and Counting

An Awesome Weekend

This past weekend felt like my coming out weekend. Its been a long time since I was able to feel and look more like myself. I looked forward to celebrating 12 years of marriage with my hubby. Although, I knew this year we couldn’t do anything extravagant we always make plans. Last year we had breakfast and happened to have prepaid mobile spa certificates which made … Continue reading An Awesome Weekend