Warrior LifeStyle, Posole, Healing Oils and More Mexican Food

#FoodieFamilyFriday: Posole By MaribelB on Nov 11, 2016 03:42 pm I’m happy to finally share my first recipe post and thought to keep it up and share a recipe or food adventure every Friday using my favorite tag #FoodieFamily + the Friday. After years of sharing food on social media I finally have a blog that is fit for sharing my love for food. Our cooking … Continue reading Warrior LifeStyle, Posole, Healing Oils and More Mexican Food

2015 Blogging Recap

Thank you everyone who has come along my #maribelskidneystory journey. After years of blogging I found sharing instantly & through photos has been easier while I’m fighting. Through this I’ve found even more support from fellow #warriors. 2015 I started this account during another relaspe with #ValleyFever & getting back to the #dialysislife after losing my #kidneytransplant. It wasn’t easy but I always found how … Continue reading 2015 Blogging Recap

Celebrating Life and Riding The Waves of Grief

Celebrating life and riding the waves of grief pretty much sums up how life has been like lately. I’ve started writing this months ago. However, life has had its way and this post is a hard one but one I must get out and feel once I do it will help me to move forward with my writing endeavors. This is for all that has had … Continue reading Celebrating Life and Riding The Waves of Grief

Waiting In Long Lines

As I sat in the pharmacy while my hubby waited in line for me. I couldn’t help but think this is how life is for me. It feels like I’m still waiting my turn. I’m constantly waiting… Waiting to heal… Waiting on dialysis… Waiting for an appointment… Waiting to feel better… Waiting for the good days… Waiting for the next miracle… In the meantime I’m … Continue reading Waiting In Long Lines

Family Over Everything (in this world)

This past month was all about family. Between the end of the year school stuff with my boys, graduations, baseball and family visits. Thankfully I’m starting to have more good days than bad. The good days allows me to have a little fun, quality family time and attend some important events. This is huge milestones for me after a season of healing, mainly being home. Family … Continue reading Family Over Everything (in this world)

The Best Friendships

 “I was excited to be asked to be a bridesmaid for my best friend this October. She is my oldest friend; we’ve been friends since kindergarten. The question was posed if I was gonna be healthy enough to be in the wedding. We decided to switch my role so I can still be a part of my best friend’s wedding: instead of being a bridesmaid, … Continue reading The Best Friendships

Young Love 19 Years and Counting

“I’ve been organizing my memories when I ran into the 1st anniversary greeting written behind a sticker. So young, so naive but every word was true. I thought we conquered it all but it was just the beginning. 2 lost souls who found each other. But God definitely aligned our lives so that we would meet twice to connect our souls to be complete. Yes … Continue reading Young Love 19 Years and Counting