Blog Life: Birthing A New Word

Hello all there in the blogging world. It’s been a while since I’ve written an actual post on my blog. With every post it can be such a process. It is like a birthing process and lately I’ve felt the labor pains and it’s time to birth a new word. I have had a bad case of writer’s block mixed with a bit of attention issues. I … Continue reading Blog Life: Birthing A New Word

Warriors Not Worriers

Planning for tomorrow is time well spent; worrying about tomorrow is time wasted. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference. Careful planning is thinking ahead about goals, steps, and schedules, and trusting in God’s guidance. When done well, planning can help alleviate worry. Worriers, by contrast, are consumed by fear and find it difficult to trust God. They let their plans interfere with their relationship … Continue reading Warriors Not Worriers

Being a Patient Means Being Patient

This is basically how I felt yesterday after my dialysis treatment. It started as a good morning and even came in ten minutes early. It was the first time in a while that they weren’t ready for me. The only times I’ve waited was because a patient needed medical attention or they had a new patient orientation. We waited 40 minutes before I started my treatment. I let … Continue reading Being a Patient Means Being Patient

The Best Friendships

 “I was excited to be asked to be a bridesmaid for my best friend this October. She is my oldest friend; we’ve been friends since kindergarten. The question was posed if I was gonna be healthy enough to be in the wedding. We decided to switch my role so I can still be a part of my best friend’s wedding: instead of being a bridesmaid, … Continue reading The Best Friendships

The Valley Fever Story

I first off like to apologize to start this new blog with such a graphic photo to look at. But I thought it was important to share what I’m fighting. These days Maribel’s kidney story has been more like the valley fever story. The reality is I’m fighting both and it makes things a little more complicating. This very infection caused so much damage and … Continue reading The Valley Fever Story

Inspiring Mama Maribel Butts Battles Victoriously Against Kidney Disease | Mama That Could

Originally posted on Mama That Could:
Maribel Butts, Kidney Transplant Survivor and Donate Life Ambassador. Maribel Butts is an incredible Mama and woman of faith that I have the honor of knowing personally because she is my cousin.  One of the great things about being related is that I’ve had the privilege of witnessing her strength and courage firsthand and can now share her story… Continue reading Inspiring Mama Maribel Butts Battles Victoriously Against Kidney Disease | Mama That Could