Valley Fever Voices: Valley Fever Survivor Series

It was 2 years back to back, around this time I had Valley Fever occurrences. Makes me thankful that this year I got to enjoy a Hawaiian vacation but the days leading to our departure was scary as I had to monitor symptoms and have routine surgeries literally just 2 weeks before I left. Valley fever is something I now have to always monitor with … Continue reading Valley Fever Voices: Valley Fever Survivor Series

Warriors Not Worriers

Planning for tomorrow is time well spent; worrying about tomorrow is time wasted. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference. Careful planning is thinking ahead about goals, steps, and schedules, and trusting in God’s guidance. When done well, planning can help alleviate worry. Worriers, by contrast, are consumed by fear and find it difficult to trust God. They let their plans interfere with their relationship … Continue reading Warriors Not Worriers

Celebrating Life and Riding The Waves of Grief

Celebrating life and riding the waves of grief pretty much sums up how life has been like lately. I’ve started writing this months ago. However, life has had its way and this post is a hard one but one I must get out and feel once I do it will help me to move forward with my writing endeavors. This is for all that has had … Continue reading Celebrating Life and Riding The Waves of Grief

The Valley Fever Story

I first off like to apologize to start this new blog with such a graphic photo to look at. But I thought it was important to share what I’m fighting. These days Maribel’s kidney story has been more like the valley fever story. The reality is I’m fighting both and it makes things a little more complicating. This very infection caused so much damage and … Continue reading The Valley Fever Story

The Kidney Update

It’s been a while since I posted any health updates & I feel it’s time to share. I’m usually very open but this was something I wasn’t ready to go through.Unfortunately the infection I had damaged my transplant. After several hospital stints my kidney could no longer function without the help of dialysis. The past couple months I transitioned to home dialysis & had to … Continue reading The Kidney Update

What is Valley Fever/Coccidioidomycosis?

Valley fever is a fungal infection caused by coccidioides organisms. It can cause fever, chest pain and coughing, among other signs and symptoms. Two species of coccidioides fungi cause valley fever. These fungi are commonly found in soil in specific regions. The fungi’s spores can be stirred into the air by anything that disrupts the soil, such as farming, construction and wind. The fungi can … Continue reading What is Valley Fever/Coccidioidomycosis?