Blog Life: Birthing A New Word

Hello all there in the blogging world. It’s been a while since I’ve written an actual post on my blog. With every post it can be such a process. It is like a birthing process and lately I’ve felt the labor pains and it’s time to birth a new word. I have had a bad case of writer’s block mixed with a bit of attention issues. I … Continue reading Blog Life: Birthing A New Word

Celebrating Life and Riding The Waves of Grief

Celebrating life and riding the waves of grief pretty much sums up how life has been like lately. I’ve started writing this months ago. However, life has had its way and this post is a hard one but one I must get out and feel once I do it will help me to move forward with my writing endeavors. This is for all that has had … Continue reading Celebrating Life and Riding The Waves of Grief

Assisted Suicide Interview

This blog post is in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day. This topic is similar but definitely different because the situations our different. My friend Nicole Narlock, who’s a nursing graduate, was doing a policy brief on SB128 Assisted Suicide which is up for consideration this 2016 for a school assignment. I’m thankful that she thought my opinion would be a good perspective as I have fought … Continue reading Assisted Suicide Interview

My Sister’s 40th & Family Baptism I wanted to share my sister’s 40th birthday and family baptism. I unfortunately couldn’t make it since I just got out of the hospital that same week. I actually looked at flights to be there, but this time my body won over my spirit. I write a lot about my sister because she’s been that 2nd mom to me. I was sent to live … Continue reading My Sister’s 40th & Family Baptism

Dialysis Days Video Journaling

I’m starting to work on my youtube posting. I’m going full force with sharing my story. Here is one of the video journaling I had made capturing a time during my dialysis years. Marquez was so young. It’s kind of funny because the boys are off the hook but hope it can show the struggle I had raising two boys and being on dialysis. Yet … Continue reading Dialysis Days Video Journaling