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I’m thrilled to get news that the high school education bill Is another step closer to passing. There were about 30 people that stood in favor for the bill. All that spoke were in favor. I was supposed be apart of this groundbreaking day. But had to take care of my health first and foremost. That way I can come back to my work as a Donate Life Ambassador. I had the pleasure of advocating and even working for Donate Life California. Which has brought full awareness of what this life saving gift is truly about. It’s why I’m still here today and because of this I will continue to give back the gift that was given to me. This is apart of my life saving journey. Proper Organ Donation education at the high school level will help each individual make a wise and an educated decision. I can’t wait to get in the classrooms!

Another great day for Donation thanks for Donate Life Ambassadors!

Wednesday the State Senate Education Committee approved AB 1967 – which would require organ and tissue donation education in high schools statewide.

Among those testifying was our own Alfonso Garcia, a Donate LIFE Ambassador. At 15, Alfonso’s life was saved through a liver transplant.

Alfonso’s words clearly moved the panel, but more than a dozen other Donate LIFE Ambassadors also were there and spoke one by one in support of the bill. Each one had waited since the morning for their chance to appear and support the bill, which they got to late in the afternoon.

Thank you to those who were there from CTDN’s great volunteer core to support AB1967 which now moves to the senate Appropriate Committee. ( https://www.facebook.com/myctdn)

State-Approved Organ Donation Instruction: According to this document, 17 states have some form of state approved organ donation instructions in school system.

Compiled by Miryam Mora-Barajas, Donate Life California
Rev. 4/30/09, modified on 4/6/2011.

State Year Description:

IL 1998 Public Act 93-0547, Sec. 27-23.5 (1998)
Each school district that maintains grades 9 and 10 may include in its curriculum and teach to the students of either such grade one unit of instruction on organ/tissue and blood donor and transplantation programs.

WI 1999 Act 124 (1999)
The first state to require discussions about organ donation in driver’s education classes. “Kelly’s Law,” named after 16-year-old Wisconsin organ donor Kelly Nachreiner, requires that all driver’s education courses offered in the state provide at least 30 minutes of instruction relating to organ and tissue donation.

Click here to see bill

IA 1999 Iowa Code §321.178 (2005) SSB 3211
(updated in 2005 with new legislation)
Drivers education must include instruction relating to becoming an organ donor under the uniform anatomical gift Act as provided in chapter 142C. Updated in 2005 with new legislation.

Click here to see bill

NM 2000 66-7-506.1 (2000)
Mandated in the Driver’s Education Curriculum as part of the DWI Prevention & Education Programs. The Statute is through “Motor Vehicles” as part of their “Safety” Statutes. The law requires public schools, private driver’s schools and mail order courses to provide organ donation information. The organ donor registry works with the Traffic Safety Bureau who provides the certification courses for driver’s education teachers. There is no state funding for this.

New Mexico Organ Donor Registry provides all driver’s education teachers/schools with a 5 minute video to show students, plus brochures. The instructor’s manual has information about donation, what it means to register as a donor at the DMV, etc. (it’s being updated again this year). Registry staff presents at the driver’s education teacher certification and re-certification classes. The Traffic Safety Bureau also has a QA program to make sure the donation information is being provided to students.

Click here to see bill

TX 2001 The bill requires that information relating to anatomical gifts be included in the curriculum of each driver education and driving safety course.

Click here to see bill

OK 2001 SB 1528 (2000)
The legislation requires the state superintendent of public instruction to develop an organ donor education and awareness curriculum for use in elementary and secondary schools.

Click here to see Oklahoma archive and search SB 1528, year 2000 regular session.

MN 2002 Minnesota Session Laws 2002 – Chapter 305 – S.F.No. 3278
The commissioner shall adopt rules requiring instruction relating to organ and tissue donations and the provisions of section 171.07, subdivision 5, for persons enrolled in driver education programs offered at public schools, private schools, and commercial driver training schools. In 2006 Minnesota passed legislation mandating 30 minutes of instruction in driver’s education be related to organ and tissue donation.

Click here to see bill

VA 2002 H 686 (2002)
Currently, the Board of Education’s standardized program for driver education must include instruction regarding alcohol and drug abuse, aggressive driving, and motorcycle awareness. The Department of Health is added to those entities cooperating in the development of the curriculum.

Virginia Department of Education – Drivers Education Standards of Learning
DE1 – The student will demonstrate an understanding of Virginia traffic laws, licensing procedures and other responsibilities associated with the driving privilege. Key concepts include

Licensing requirements and types of licenses;
The motor vehicle section of the Code of Virginia;
The organ and tissue donation designation process.
Click here to see bill

AR 2003 Acts 2003, No. 546, §1
Driver education courses and high school health classes shall include information or instructional materials regarding organ and tissue donation.

It is also a part of the Standards of Learning for VA.
Click here to see bill

NC 2004
(approx) State Dept of Instruction
Approved 60 min. of organ donation instruction in 9th grade health curriculum; unfunded.

IN 2005 IC 20-30-5-16 Sec. 16(a)
Each school corporation shall include in the school corporation’s high school health education curriculum instruction regarding the human organ donor program and blood donor program as adopted by the state board.

Click here to see bill

AL 2006 HJR325 (2006)
“The State Department of Education is strongly urged to include instruction and information regarding organ and tissue donation in any program of driver education and training offered by the public schools of this state.”

Click here to see bill

MN 2006 Minnesota 171.07, Minnesota Statutes 2006
Minnesota passed legislation mandating 30 minutes of instruction in driver’s education be related to organ and tissue donation.

Click here to see bill

OH 2006 Ohio ORC Ann. 4508.021 (2006)
The instructor shall organize a classroom presentation and discussion regarding anatomical gifts and anatomical gift procedures. The instructor may arrange for the presentation to be conducted by an employee of the department of health or any other state agency, an employee or volunteer of the Second Chance Trust Fund, an employee or volunteer of any organization involved in the procurement of organ donations, an organ donor, an organ recipient, an employee or volunteer of a tissue or eye bank, or a tissue or corneal transplant recipient, provided that no such person charges a fee to the school for the presentation. However, no such presentation that contains religious content shall be made to students of a driver education course conducted by a school district or educational service center. Students shall be granted the opportunity to ask questions on anatomical gifts and anatomical gift procedures during the presentation and discussion.

Click here to see Ohio’s Revised Code; search 4508.021

WA 2006 WA requires that organ donation education be included in driver’s education curriculum. The legislation was enacted in June 2006. There was not funding provision attached to the bill. Living Legacy Foundation asked for and was awarded the responsibility of providing the curriculum. That was the incentive to create our youth education video and the educators resource guide. Those materials are supplied to the private driving schools that provide education to an estimated 70,000 student a year.

NJ 2008 S755/A2083 (2008) – New Jersey Hero Act
The law incorporates a comprehensive education component at the high school and collegiate levels. Under the NJ Hero Act, New Jersey would be the first state to incorporate mandatory organ donation education into the high school core curriculum. Beginning with the 2009-2010 school year, school districts will be required to implement the component into the Health and Physical Education curriculum. At the collegiate level, institutions of higher education will be required to provide information on New Jersey’s organ donor policies either as part of the curriculum or through student health services. Medical and Nursing school education will also become mandatory.

Finally, the legislation requires that within the next five years every resident 18 years of age or older applying for a driver’s license or state identification card must first answer a few simple, yet potentially life-saving questions, regarding organ donation before a driver’s license or state ID is issued.

Contact: tartesi@sharenj.org

LA NK RS 32:4201.1
At least thirty minutes of driver’s education instruction relative to organ and tissue donation, approved by the Department of Public Safety and Corrections or the Department of Education

Also: Permission for organ donation education in Drivers Training classes and also on a limited basis go in to schools (elementary through high school) to present the subject of organ health and donation. Unfunded.


If you don’t see your state listed and you want to get involved to pass laws that will allow Organ Donation education in Science and Health classes find you local OPO Organ Procurement Organization and start advocating!

Find your State to Register

4 thoughts on “High School Education Bill-California

  1. Such a wonderful mission Maribel! Very proud of what you are doing…and know lives will be saved because of this effort ~ RL


    1. Thank you RL,apart of the live saving journey 🙂 Healing, healing, healing…


      1. 🙂 most important Maribel ~ most important !!


  2. Wow this is amazing Maribel, great work. It is so rewarding seeing all your efforts come to pass and to help educate young people who will be leaders in the next 10 – 20 years about the gift of life and the power of organ donation is just astonishing.

    I wish my side of the word (New Zealand and Australia) had something like this in place. I should kick off the movement here, its so vital to learn at a young age how the power of organ/tissue donations can save MANY lives

    Great work

    Blessings xxx


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