Job search consultation – three recipes

How to properly advise job seekers

This article does not contain a word about how to look for a job correctly. And the answer to the question, what should be the correct advice on finding a job, you will not find in it either.

Hundreds of coaches and consultants are ready to make you a “professional in finding a job” and instill in you the confidence of success, but no one will give you a guarantee of a cure for unemployment and career failure.

I am not going to recommend or criticize different approaches to advising candidates – I will limit myself to a brief description of the most common recipes.

Believe in yourself and do it right

Learn how to dress for an interview, what to say and what to keep quiet about, what to write in a cover letter, how to please a recruiter and a future boss, how to talk about yourself confidently and coherently, how to answer tests, where and what resume to post, how to “glow” in social networks, forums, and professional communities. How to sincerely admire the power of an employer’s HR brand and tell you that since childhood you dreamed of getting into this particular company. What and where you need to study to impress the recruiter with the level of your knowledge of how to plan your career.

Sell Yourself

Learn how to convince the recruiter that you are the best, how to write letters to the recruiter and make calls after sending the resume, how to get to the Decision Maker, and convince him to consider your resume. How to promote your professional image on social media, how to expand the circle of “potential buyers” of your workforce. How to toughly negotiate wages, forcing the employer to name the amount first, and how to squeeze out the desired offer.

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Marketing Analysis

This is tedious analytical work – market assessment of the experience, knowledge, and skills of the applicant, as well as the proposals of employers and the resume of competitors “here” and “now.”

Assessment of the “market value” of the applicant, based on an analysis of the current supply and demand. Evaluation of the perception of a resume as a commercial proposal, correction of the resume based on content analysis of employer’s job descriptions, and the resume of competitors in the labor market. In this approach, the applicant is viewed as a product that needs to be brought to the market, the price of which (salary) is determined based on the analysis of supply and demand.

What is the right job search advice?

I don’t presume to judge this for one simple reason – the logic of choosing others by some people is often inexplicable and unpredictable.

What will play a decisive role – a rehearsed story about your work experience, activity, or accurate calculation, hardly anyone will know. Most drugs have a limited spectrum of action and serious contraindications – this also applies to the recipes listed above.

Some employers are not affected by the job seeker charm. Some recruiters are allergic to the expressed activity of candidates. The marketing approach is not a panacea either – history knows many cases when a product doomed to success did not find its buyer.

What to do

Rely on common sense when it comes to job search and employment relationships.

The Pareto Rule says: “20% of actions give 80% of the result.” The only problem is that you first need to take 100% of the action before the desired 20% of the result appears.

So, not counting on an instant result, you need to try all the available tools and methods on your own or with the help of specialists.