Valley Fever Voices: Valley Fever Survivor Series

It was 2 years back to back, around this time I had Valley Fever occurrences. Makes me thankful that this year I got to enjoy a Hawaiian vacation but the days leading to our departure was scary as I had to monitor symptoms and have routine surgeries literally just 2 weeks before I left. Valley fever is something I now have to always monitor with my kidney failure.

This video tells the “whole” story (the best I could tell it) time lining from the time I got Valley Fever in 2010 and the now almost 6 year fight. Thank you David & Sharon for interviewing me and sharing my story. I am appreciative of the support groups I’m apart of. Together our voices can help bring awareness and hopefully bring more change in improving treatment for valley fever and even a cure! Hopefully one day! presents Valley Fever Voices, our video series for survivors to share their stories of struggles, losses, and triumphs when dealing with this disease. The long-form interview format allows them to provide a more complete picture of what they experienced. If you or a family member have VF, it is comforting to know what others have been through and that victories are possible. You are not alone.

Although anyone can have a severe case of Valley Fever, risk factors like organ transplantation can make the likelihood of a severe case even worse. Maribel Butts already faced the problems of dealing with kidney transplantation, but when she also caught Valley Fever in 2010 it brought many new health challenges, including the loss of her transplanted kidney. But her story and attitude in the face of adversity will give viewers inspiration and strength.

Do you need more information and support? See and find more information about Valley Fever symptoms, disseminated coccidioidomycosis, valley fever in dogs, and why this agent of bioterrorism had been on the CDC’s select agent list for over a decade. Join a support group, see what you can do to improve your health, contact others with Valley Fever and more. All of this is centrally located at

Also from VFS:
Valley Fever Epidemic is the first and only complete and up-to-date book ever written on the airborne disease caused by the Southwest’s naturally occurring biohazard. This book offers everything you need to know before or after going to these endemic areas and what to do if you contract this incurable, debilitating and deadly disease. Valley Fever (coccidioidomycosis) affects everyone from the unborn child to the great grandparent and even your pets. Regardless of how healthy anyone is prior to their Valley Fever infection, anyone who breathes is at risk.

Also see our video about Valley Fever Epidemic:…

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