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You maybe wondering why I am launching a new blog and what Warrior LifeStyle is all about. One answer would be why not? I started to feel that it’s time to own my own blog again. After the years of trying to maintain Maribel’s Kidney Story and having some difficulties keeping my hosting services I went ahead and put my story on WordPress and it helped me keep it up all these years.

I’ve learned a lot through the years of blogging but because of my health issues and life in general the blogging goals had to wait. There were just times I didn’t want to talk about my story too. Life still had to continue on and it required a whole lot more fight to keep my family going.

That’s what I want the new website to be about. Many have asked how do you go through life dealing with a chronic illness. Which I’ve shared a lot of in Maribel’s Kidney Story. However, what are the practical/everyday things that has helped me and my family. I still will continue to purge my life story on this blog but with the new blog it’s time to share the lifestyle that we created for me and my family.

In constant fighting mode. I had to learned how to navigate waking up and making simple goals for us. We had to live within a small income. With life hanging in the balance our mentality was life was meant to be lived. Many of the times we just went for it and had to figure it out later. I had to learn the balance because there always has to be balance in life especially when dealing with health issues.

It wasn’t easy at times but someway.. somehow.. we have found that true treasures in life doesn’t have to cost a lot. I learned to hustle early on being a teen mom, a young working mom and wife. Still pursuing goals and making sure to be an example to my family. I continued to give back however I can with even the little that I had.

I wanted to set the example that life had to continue on and this was the way I was going to chose my days. In the process I raised two very creative, athletic and responsible sons. Me and my husband did everything to nurture their strengths.

Despite our obstacles we kept them going. My youngest continued baseball as my husband assisted in coaching. My oldest was very much into fashion since he learned to sew and we would spend many weekends thrifting and supporting a new idea or concept. This didn’t just inspire his fashion sense but us all.

We kept pushing through the many adversities that were against us but with style, grace and lots of laughter along the way. We could’ve let our situation let us paralyze us in fear but because my hubby and I have been fighting for a better life even before the kidney failure and chronic illnesses we kept moving forward.

I come from a long line of leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs. There is something in me that continues to want to do my own thing and I’ve had some great success in it and some failures. But as I mentioned I’m a constant example to my family and now my blogging community. So I must push forward.

I’ve made it my mission to connect with people and put myself in many situations I never thought I would be in. I seen my parents own a nutritional business doing direct sales and I told myself I would never work that hard. Yet I found myself selling jewelry (direct sales) at one time. Actually doing really well and working really hard.

This was during my early dialysis days when I transitioned on disability and it was my way of getting out and even sharing my story to many women. Unfortunately, my health took it’s toll and had to eventually stop. I never stopped pursing personal growth however. It always helped with healing.

I continued to do things I limited myself once. I became a Secretary, V.P., and President for the P.T.A. I went to the capital and promoted bills that helped organ donation and transplant patients, I even did some public speaking. Even though half the time it was hard to take me serious because I looked like a kid. But I handled the responsibility and found love in it. Especially since I pushed through the adversity and changed people’s perceptions toward me.

I put myself in places where I had opportunity to continue to grow and meet and learn from leaders and people of influence. Little did I know how much that would help me in my own leadership and goals. I was able to remain an example that life was meant to be lived even if you needed to fight for it.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend Exceptional Women of Color Conference for Sierra Donor Services our local organ procurement organization in my area. Whom I been volunteering since I moved to Sacramento eight years ago. They are the ones that helped equip me to promote organ donation and share my story.

Here I was in an environment with many successful women; like me who have had to push many barriers to achieve success in their fields. In one of the workshops they asked what is your greatest fear when your trying to accomplish a goal?

I had to answer, it’s always been my health issues that can get in the way with what I’m trying to achieve. However, I also remembered how my limitation is my motivation. That has continued to fuel me in all that I set out to do.

I will always have to go through fears and some challenges to fulfill success. As long as I keep pushing myself and preparing myself like a warrior does for battle. I will be ready. The new blog will be the training ground. How I get up each day and I put my armor; my warrior look/warrior style to fake it till you make it and it changes the mindset and allows me to conquer the world.

This is my Warrior LifeStyle. Join me on the journey.

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3 thoughts on “Warrior LifeStyle

  1. This sounds awesome! I like the concept.

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    1. Thank you I appreciate the support


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